Palin on ‘Today’ Show this Morning: Letterman ‘Not Cool and Not Funny’ for Joking About ‘Statutory Rape’

Jun 12, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Sarah Palin tore into David Letterman on the “Today” show this morning, telling co-host Matt Lauer that "I would say that you and anybody else are extremely naïve to believe David Letterman’s very extremely convenient excuse” that he was joking about her older, 18 year-old daughter Bristol and not her 14 year-old daughter Willow about being knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.

Palin also said, "He doesn’t have to apologize to me. I would like to see him to apologize to young women across the country for contributing to that thread throughout our culture that makes it seem OK to talk about … statutory rape. It’s not cool and it’s not funny."

She said she would not appear on Letterman’s show because it would only give him "a ratings boost."

USA Today has more on Palin’s “Today” Show appearance.

Separately, Senator John McCain said in an interview yesterday, "I don’t understand why Letterman would say that about a young woman. They (the Palins) deserve some kind of protection from being the butt of late-night hosts." The report was by Reuters.

—Chuck Ross


  1. Sarah Palin is a brainless twit, and how she ever got elected to public office is a wonder to me. I am happy that I do not live in Alaska.
    Any person who gets into the limelight (politicians, sports, actors, musicians, etc.) have always and will always get a jab from the media and pundits and late night talk show hosts, so get over it Sarah! Try boiling some whale fat like the rest of your constituents. You need a hobby.
    Furthermore you have shown your true parenting colors by allowing your unwed daughter, who was underage when she got pregnant, to keep the child and appanently Mr. Letterman hit a sore nerve!

  2. Give me a break! I can understand being a protective Mom. But he CLEARLY was not making a joke about rape or a 14 y/o getting knocked up! Bristol and Sarah Palin herself are the butt of jokes by comedians all around our country because of their hypocrisy and Letterman was clearly riding on that – everyone GOT the joke! By this faulty Palin logic, shouldn’t she also be lambasting 300 people in the audience for laughing? Are they all disgusting people for laughing at what is being purported to be a rape joke but in fact wasn’t?? Is the public supposed to know which child she brought with her to NY? No. It was assumed Bristol.
    RELAX! And if you are so worried about your children being discussed in the media then STOP TRUMPING THEM AROUND and doing interviews all over the place with, for, and about them!!!!
    And McCain, you are finally going to say something and come out of the black hole and THIS is what you are going to comment on? How about North Korea? Iraq? Becoming clear why YOU lost!
    Seems like we still have some Republicans on a sore loser track here.

  3. That’s great, Joe. Very sensitive of you.
    So, any underage children are fair game now for late-night talk show hosts?
    Letterman knows what he’s doing. Notice how we are talking about his show now, and not Conan on “The Tonight Show?”
    He’s not stupid or naive. He will, however, do nearly anything for ratings.

  4. It’s amazing how the GOP hype machine has decided to pursue this tack on the supposed “attack” on little Willow [completely false, as others have pointed out] and extend it to all “young women across the country.” Hilarious. I also love McCain’s comment that the Palins deserve some kind of special protection from the likes of Dave. They are using words like “rape” as if they were in a crowded theater and screaming “fire.”

  5. The problem with “pro-choice” people is they talk down to people that don’t believe the same things as them. Your opinion is not the beginning or the end, only your opinion. Sarah Palin has an opinion and she should be respected for standing up for her beliefs like you should be respected for your beliefs. Back off, show a lady that has successfully lead her town, city and state into a position of authority in our country the due respect she deserves.

  6. Paul, I VOTED for McCain/Palin! So I’m not on one side or another. I’m just looking at the (non)issue. But they are making a mountain of a molehill. And what does any of this have to do with “pro-choice” anyway?
    Go to Huffington Post and look at the jokes, many more distasteful than Letterman’s, and ask why Palin hasn’t “stood up” to any of those? Leno, Conan, and even Saturday NIght Live. Palin even appeared on SNL show only a month after they made a joke about her daughter getting pregnant! That’s not exactly “standing up” to the media is it? How am I supposed to respect someone who leads this way? Or was it okay then because it was about winning and getting votes?
    It’s just a double standard. No one is talking down to anyone!

  7. If she didn’t want to be discussed she shouldn’t have put herself and her entire family out there. She talked about believing in abstinance and her daughter has a baby out of wedlock. Not to mention the fact that she had a down syndrome baby and if she had won would not have been there to take care of him. She talks the talk so take it the way it was meant as a joke. Can’t stand her. All comics use news events for their jokes. She’s going to boost Letterman’s ratings…she thinks she’s a lot more than she really is. Dave doesn’t need her for ratings and i think he should have done a one line apology. She better fget used to people talking ab out her especially when she lets it all out about her family,.

  8. Thanks for the info. It seems to be up for discussion these days.

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