Report: Susan Boyle Victim of Wrong Phone Numbers in Vote

Jun 4, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Was Susan Boyle, the international singing sensation who finished second on "Britain’s Got Talent" last week—and who was in a psychiatric hospital in North London—a victim of viewers calling a wrong phone number when they tried to vote for her?

That’s the question raised in a report by the Daily Mail. The London-based newspaper says that moments after Ms. Boyle’s final performance on the show YouTube, with the cooperation of the show, ran clips of her performance. But some of those clips carried the wrong voting number for her.

Ms. Boyle, who was considered the frontrunner in the show, was upset by a dancing group called Diversity.

—Chuck Ross


  1. The fast road to stardom had to place a tremendous amount of stress, a primary trigger for chemical imbalance in those predisposed, on Susan thus causing the breakdown. I wish her the best and a speedy recovery.

  2. I feel for her. Hope she gets well soon. I could never take part in anything like that (even if I had the talent). Too much venom and corruption.
    And its nice to see the UK have sorted out all the glitches in regards to phone ins…Thought the hefty fines would have taught them to be a bit more vigilant…

  3. Was very concerned when I heard Susan had been hospitalized and wish her all the best with her recovery. It’s hard to imagine what pressure she’s been under since she’s “been discovered” by the viewing public on BGT.
    I think she has tremendous talent and will have an enormous following. I get goose bumps just listening to her. How remarkable that no one took her seriously until this contest. I think she is one in a million — the quality of her voice, her conviction, and her humility. She is so refreshing compared to the likes of some pop idols who appear so pre-packaged.
    Please know that many care about you and are looking forward to buying your next CD.
    I don’t know why Diversity won the top spot. To me they’re not that original but rather look like a bunch of monkeys jumping around. They sure don’t appeal to me no matter what the judges on BGT think.

  4. If she lost because of an error in the phone no: she should be given the top award and she should be NO: One as she is with many of us. Best wishes to her and be well soon.

  5. i live in england and hated watching subo aka heavy and hairy angel on the tv.
    i hope she lives in the priory for the rest of her life.

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