Syndicators Say 10 p.m. is Their Sweet Spot

Jun 13, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Forget Jay Leno: Advertisers who want bang for their buck at 10 p.m. ought to consider syndicated programming.

That’s the (predictable) pitch coming from the Syndicated Network Television Association, which issued a report last week noting that many syndicated shows score stronger ratings than what Leno’s new primetime series is expected to deliver. Already, syndicated series draw bigger audience than many network network shows currently on the air, SNTA said.

The group also is touting the younger skew of many syndicated shows vs. the older crime dramas that mostly make up 10 p.m. programming on the networks. Repeats of the old ABC comedy "The George Lopez Show," for example, have a median age of 23; NBC’s median age at 10 p.m. right now is 51.

"High ratings, younger skewing programs, better efficiency and superior commercial delivery in DVR households makes syndication the ideal alternative to network prime at 10 p.m.," the SNTA report concludes.

The full report is available here.

–Josef Adalian


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