Jackson Memorial Draws 6 Million TV Viewers in U.K., About Half the Number Who Tuned Into Tribute Shows Aired When He Died

Jul 8, 2009  •  Post A Comment

About 6 million TV viewers watched the Michael Jackson Memorial over the five channels that carried the event in the United Kingdom last night, the British press is reporting this morning. On average about 6.3 million viewers tuned in. 

One of those channels, News Corp.’s Sky News, at its peak drew 1.15 million viewers, which was Sky’s highest rating since the first day of the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

The ratings paled next to the 11 million TV viewers in the U.K. who tuned into the six channels that aired tribute shows to Jackson on June 26. 

In the U.S., 31.1 million was the average number of viewers who tuned into the Memorial. Broadcast numbers aren’t out yet, but click here for the specific U.S. cable TV viewing numbers for the memorial. After of the viewers in the U.S. watched the Memorial on cable outlets.

–Chuck Ross 


  1. Im sorry, but i hope everyone is over mj now. The family has the right to mourn. But fans are taking this way too far. He is gone. Please move on now.

  2. Not a big number — it’s like a ten share — predictions were for huge, MASH or Obama-like numbers.

  3. Obama needs to catch up with Michael. Michael is the most important spokesman for the world.

  4. Good grief! That’s 10% of the population. All entrhaled by a child molesting freak. No wonder the UK is soon to be ashes. What are you people thinking about? Has the obtuse entertainment industry captured that much of your souls? Your country is doomed.

  5. The whole thing is ridiculous and I am sick of it. The fans are over the top and I am betting alot are just along for the ride. As for the family-they are all sick and nuts anyway. Where were they when he was using the drugs and acting so weird. All they care about is how much publicity and money they can get out of all this. I won’t say he didn’t have talent but sorry I can think of alot of other talent that is as good and even better. This over the top stuff is very typical.

  6. You can’t buy stupid like this anywhere. Please keep posting.

  7. Without a doubt…the most heartbreaking circus to watch, knowing Some America’s are so dang dumb. All these people belong on Teen Planet far from earth and not allowed to return to Earth till they are 55 years old, and can pass a sanity test.

  8. The memorial for Michael Jackson was First-Class. They did a great job in helping the family mourn and also reminding the world what a great impact MJ had made. He really wanted to heal the world and raised millions to help feed the impoverished in Africa. My hat goes off to those individuals who put the memorial together in such short notice.

  9. Preverts

  10. He could sing and dance… so what? The fact is that he was a child molester, drug addict clown. Says a lot about the direction Western Civilization is headed when we replace real heroes with zeros. Maybe they’ll release a diary along the lines of OJ’s “If I Did It” book. Maybe that’s what is needed for people to wake up.

  11. Has the world lost its tiny mind??? We face nuclear disaster from maniacs who point missiles at us, a supposed pandemic moves around the globe, Al Gore predicts we’re going to be incinerated within a few years (even though the ice cap has re-frozen), millions jobless, many homeless, the government has taken over our big businesses and anointed Obama the nation’s CEO of everything, we’ve recently lost more military heroes in Iraq, the U.S. is becoming the newest socialist state – but the big story of the week is a freakish pedophile whose illegal addictions caused his own death! And, that freak is lionized and canonized by a brainless press and even more brainless worshipers. Are there any values left? Regardless of his talent, this moral degenerate paid $30mil. to a money-grubbing family for silence about his molesting the son. And he’s an ICON? For child rapists, maybe. This is SICK!!!

  12. Surgically altered drug addicted self absorbed “celebrities” are evaluated to hero status while engineers, scientists and doctors are “nerds.”
    Violent hate filled rap music is “cool” but education and hard work is for “suckas”

  13. I feel this one of the big concert world had ever seen..

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