John Stossel Slams ABC After It Bumps His Report for One on Jackson

Jul 2, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The co-host of “20/20” John Stossel vented publicly on ABC’s Web site after the network pulled his report on Canadian health insurance for an update on Michael Jackson last Friday, the day after the singer’s death, the New York Post says.

“I am sick of the Michael Jackson coverage,” Stossel wrote on his abc.com blog, adding that, “I hate it that ABC didn’t run my piece.”

He didn’t stop there, adding that “free markets sometimes encourage pandering to the masses,” and noting, “Of course, maybe my bosses made the wrong choice. Maybe more viewers would have tuned in for my health care report. But the beauty of the market is that if they regularly choose wrong, they will go bankrupt.”

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. I am surprised at the comments by Mr. Stossel.
    While I will agree that the media coverage of Jackson’s untimely demise has been “way over the top”, his experience, knowledge and understanding of “what sells papers”, would, I should suppose, suggest that dumping his report a day after the death of Jackson would not have been a surprise to him.
    Stossel will get his air time for a piece, I’m sure, that has relevance.
    However, public pouting about one’s bosses can get one heading to pasture long before the time has come for such action.
    Oh well, this too shall pass hopefully with Stossel still in tact at ABC
    Peter Bright

  2. John Stossel’s gotta be smoking something. Michael Jackson is a ratings bonanza for ABC and every other network and for him to think that anyone would have interest in some story on Canadian healthcare is not only silly for those not in the news business but for any well educated journalist. We’re all sick of the constant Michael Jackson stories but people are watching it and every network and TV station needs ratings. Bad move by John.

  3. yikes. although got to admire Stossel for his honesty.

  4. If Mr. Stossel’s show had been scheduled to air on Sunday or later and had been bumped, I would have understood his comments. However, last Friday, there was so bigger or timely story than Michael Jackson’s death and a real news journalist would have recognized that. This type of diva behavior is just one of the reasons why he is as unpopular as he is. His news reporting often reflects his egocentric attitude and personal bias and he gets upset when others do not agree with his point of view. He was not upset that an important news story was shelved, he was just upset that HIS news story was shelved. He is not a team player who works to make his network #1. He only looks out for #1.

  5. We have some real idiots out there. Canadian health care is what Obamacare is to be modeled after. A lot of people would like to know about how Obama is going to screw us once again. People are coming in from Canada to get good health care.
    There is enough news about Jackson. Let him rest in peace.

  6. This Jackson coverage is ridiculous! All Jackson; All the Time!! Many other worthy people receive far less coverage…even this same week they are brushed under the rug.
    So another weirdo dies from a drug overdose..So What??!!

  7. I applaude John Stossel for taking a
    stand against ABC News for not running
    his report, the problem with our media
    is they go overboard when certain events
    take place, like the death of Micheal
    Jackson, i hope the news division at
    ABC will eventually run his story.

  8. You know, eventually Stossel’s piece will run. But like him or not, Michael Jackson’s death is big news. And throughout his lifetime, cameras have been there to record almost every aspect of his life, so several hours of footage exist and it will be a long, long time before we start to see repeats, unlike Elvis, for example. So…while I sympathize with Stossel, he is a veteran journalist and had to know that this would happen. It’s not just ABC and knows that, so he needs to get over it.

  9. Thank you Bubbuba for pointing out the complete idiocy of many of the posts on this page. The argument that ratings MUST rule on all occasions is foolish and shortsighted.
    Let these idiots reflect on this when they have to wait six months to see an Oncologist after being diagnosed with Cancer, and then told they don’t qualify for the treatment as the disease is “too advanced”. Morons Morons Morons. UnEffingbelievable.

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