Keeping us in Stritches: Reactions to Getting Nominated for an Emmy

Jul 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Our favorite reaction to being nominated for a Primetime Emmy on Thursday comes from one of our favorite people, Elaine Stritch.

First, a personal note about Stritch here. It was about seven years ago that I took my septuagenarian mom to see septuagenarian Stritch at her one-woman show on Broadway. My mom loved it, and as we were walking out she turned to me and said that she wanted to go backstage and tell Stritch how much she loved the show.

The only problem, of course, is that neither of us knew Stritch. Hell, we didn’t even know how to get backstage. But my mom just grabbed my hand and we fell in with a group of people who had just told an usher that they were friends of Stritch and were supposed to meet her backstage after the show. Follow me, the usher said.

Our entire group was escorted backstage. I tried to slink as far to the rear as possible. Stritch greeted each of her guests in the group by name and with a big hug. She finally got to the last person, my mom, and gave her a big hug as well. Then Stritch broke the hug, looked at my mom, and said, “Do I know you?”

My mom said no, but that she was a huge fan. “I just love what you do.”

Stritch then asked my mom what she did. My mom said she makes wine—and yes, she actually is the proprietor of a company that makes wine.

Upon which Stritch’s face lit up and she gave my mom another big hug. “Honey,” she said, “and I just looooove what you do.”

Stritch, who won an Emmy last year for her performance on “30 Rock” and gave one of her memorable acceptance speeches, was nominated again today. Here’s her reaction:

“I was overjoyed with my nomination, for what was it, 30 Rock?? Because if I get lucky, it will give me yet again another opportunity to express my deepest feelings about ‘show business.’ Feelings that have been bottled up for 365 days.”

Both The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety have other reactions from nominees.

—Chuck Ross

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