Report: Paula Abdul’s New Manager is Saber Rattling: Claims No Contract Offer Yet; Says Abdul Will Leave ‘Idol’ if Producers Don’t Step Up

Jul 20, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Paula Abdul’s new manager, David Sonenberg, who started managing her at the end of June, has told the Los Angeles Times that he’s gotten nowhere trying to get contact offers for Abdul from show producer 19 Entertainment or from Fox, and thus, "Very sadly, it does not appear that she’s going to be back on ‘Idol.’"

The Times said that 19 Entertainment and Fox declined to comment on Sonenberg’s statements.
Given that ‘Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest just closed a new deal worth a reported $45 million for three years, giving him a significant increase in salary, the Times noted in its article, might be the reason Abdul’s manager has gone public with his complaints.

Sonenberg said that Abdul has not been well compensated in tha past. He told the Times, "She’s not a happy camper as a result of what’s going on. She’s hurt. She’s angry. I think at this point we’re going to be considering everything, including some kind of a competition show. She has tremendous ideas for a whole variety of shows."

Abdul’s last non-"Idol" show, "Hey Paula" on Bravo in 2007, was not a success, the Times noted.

It was just a few weeks ago, on Tuesday, July 7th, that Abdul told the Associated Press that, pending her ageement to a new contract, "I’ve been invited to stay the duration of the show, however long it lasts."

Sonenberg didn’t mention this earlier remark by his client, and it doesn’t appear that the Times asked him about it.

—Chuck Ross

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  1. Amazing. A hack like Seacrest gets big $, and an amazing talent like our Paula gets snubbed? I may never watch Idol again. Okay, I probably will, but I’ll turn the sound down when that job-stealer Kara talks, though!

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