Some Insight into Jeff Gaspin, the Big Winner in Today’s Shake-up at NBC

Jul 27, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Sometimes in this business one is prescient. Other times one gets lucky. In this case, our erstwhile TV editor, Joe Adalian, was both. So we now present, from just 4 months ago, Joe’s major, in depth, interview with Jeff Gaspin.

Gaspin, of course, just received a huge boost from NBCU chief Jeff Zucker today. Gaspin, had ONLY been running some of the biggest brands in cable (USA, Bravo, Sci Fi), along with the Spanish-language Telemundo network, NBC’s syndication arm, the iVillage suite of Web properties and all of the parent company’s digital content.

Today, with the announcement that Ben Silverman is leaving NBC it was also announced that Marc Graboff is becoming sole chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, reporting to Gaspin. Thus Gaspin now adds oversight for NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios to his alrready burgeoning portfolio.

Gaspin was a major power player in Hollywood before today. Now he’s a major general.

Click here for our In Depth interview with Jeff Gaspin that ran in March.

–Chuck Ross


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