Odds and Ends for $500: ESPN’s Bill Simmons on the Reasons That L.A. Doesn’t Have an NFL Football Team (One of the Reasons is About TV)

Aug 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

ESPN brought in a bunch of filmmakers and others to the summer press tour of the Television Critic’s Association last week to discuss a project wherein the network is making 30 films about 30 different topics marking the last 30 years in sports. 

The following is tangential to that–a brief discussion with ESPN’s Bill Simmons about why Los Angeles, the second biggest city in the country, has been without an NFL football team for years.

Simmons: I think the NFL likes not having a team in Los Angeles because it’s always the big carrot they can way to other owners. If you don’t do this, you know, the team can move to L.A. [I]t’s like they just kindo of use L.A. as–to, I don’t know, hold everyone else hostage.

"And the other thing is that there are so many transplants out here that–I mean, all my friends, they root for teams like the Redskins. I think people like having three TV games here….[F]or the national audience, it’s the second-biggest TV market and there’s three afternoon games…instead of two, of whatever the blackout rule is. So I think it’s pretty complicated." 

—Chuck Ross


  1. Sure, there are many transplants in LA, but that’s also the case in NY, which has 2 teams.
    The fact is that a team in LA would lead to higher TV revenues across the board. The perfect candidate to move to LA was the Colts, but then they drafted Peyton Manning and won the Super Bowl.
    The teams with an older stadium that could possibly move: San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints.

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