Jay Leno on His Responsibility to Local Affiliates, How His New Show Will Differ From The ‘Tonight’ Show, and Why He’s Not Nervous (His Answer to the Last One: Because ‘I’m Rich’)

Aug 6, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The old joke about comic Dennis Miller is that he was always too smart for the room.

What appears true about Jay Leno is that he’s REALLY too smart for the room, which means he’s too smart to let anyone in the room realize that.

On Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 5th,  Leno faced the nation’s TV critics about his new show and here’s the take-away:

Leno really IS smart. He’s really thoughtful. He’s really funny. He’s really rich. He understands TV really well, from the performance point-of-view, from the network’s point-of-view and–this is essential–from the local affiliates’ point-of-view.

Click here to hear what Jay had to say.

—Chuck Ross


  1. Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

  2. In this day and age of DVRs, multi-channel, Internet world, I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe that lead ins still matter.
    Also, although I have great respect for Mr. Leno and wish him well in his new venture I am wondering if he is sort of suggesting that when David Letterman departed that it was because of more money and bitterness? Yes, Dave seemed bitter alright, but why would Jay want to stay at NBC when he was treated in such a disrespectful manner? Was it because of having to wait a year or more before being able to premiere a new show?
    Money or not there is a thing called “Self-Respect” and corporations rarely remove a proven winner. BTW, why exactly does Jeff Zucker still have a job? Just wondering. GOOD LUCK JAY!

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