MORE ‘Family Guy’ News: Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, and Other Prominent Republicans to Guest on the Show

Aug 13, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Republican strategist Karl Rove and other well known Republicans will make a guest  appearance on an upcoming episode of  “Family Guy”  next season, according to The Hollywod Reporter’s Live Feed blog.

They will do the voices to characters that play themselves.

"’Family Guy’ tends to be very liberal because it’s written by liberals," creator Seth MacFarlane said, the Live Feed reports. "So we thought let’s give the other side some face time…"

–Alex Jacobius


  1. Wow,
    Rush and Rove on Family Guy, great a glorified drug addict and a professional liar.
    Is the barrel getting that empty ???

  2. Given the drug references on the show and their perpetual stumping for liberals, the staff is already quite familiar with both drug use and lying for a living.
    Funny how every other person in the universe is allowed to rehab from addiction to pain medication but Limbaugh is not.

  3. Why is everybody acting like this is news? I mean, Limbaugh already been on the show once. Albeit he wasn’t on-camera but as a radio talk show host in the episode Blue Harvest complaining about the government and how Lando makes money because of affirmative action.

  4. Well, Bill, no one has a problem with people going into rehab to kick a drug addiction. Some on the left have no problem with people using drugs for personal use without the interference of the government as well.
    What many have a problem with is someone like Limbaugh using hard drugs and going into rehab, all the while consistently blasting drug-users as the scum of the earth and deeming rehab unjustified leniency to people who should spend the rest of their life in prison.

  5. Every other guy in the Universe does not make a very lucrative living from hate speech and being “tough” on “drug addicts” ….Lying Hypocite – and so are his followers – Typical right wing hypocrites – Dittoheads!

  6. I’ve listened to Rush daily for years and never once has he “blasted” drug users nor pushed for lifetime imprisonment. This is typical liberal rhetoric based on the dubious reliance on liberal media sources to accurately report Limbaugh’s show without routinely and consistently listening to Limbaugh personally in order to ascertain the truth about what he says and how he says it. Once again, we see how much easier it is to bash a successful private citizen on false premises instead of making any serious attempt to understand the conservative doctrine and Rush’s success in promoting it.
    The fact that Rush continues to get under the skin of so many liberals is bittersweet satisfaction. If he’s such a loser, and if the people listening to him are losers, they why do we continue to hear liberals whine about his dominating presence?
    I’m a proud right-wing “extremist” on most issues and still find Family Guy hilarious. Rush and Rove will be great and welcome additions and I’m glad MacFarlane at least admits his “bias” and is willing to have fun with the other side every once in a while. Other liberals should follow his lead. Kudos to Seth for this refreshing attitude and I can’t wait to see the episode.

  7. Mega-Dittos!!!!

  8. Outstanding, we hear all the time about Rush being a drug addict, but where is the yelling that should occur when a nominee (Timothy Geithner) to the Internal Revenue Service has unpaid back taxes? What about that is not newsworthy? Why is it worse when Rush does something, or when I do something as a Republican, or when a Military Service Member, or just a typical white dude, why is it worse when these groups do something wrong? Imagine if an old white man in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, etc, (all stereotyped as useless midwest states populated with old racist white men) would have done what Harvard Professor Gates did? imagine the unrest if the old white man would have been dealing with the only Black Police officer on the force in the whole county? he would be demonized, arrested, kept in jail, he would be unable to even appeal the ruling.
    I can’t believe how crazy the Country I love, live in, and have sworn to protect has become… Disgusting, but no worries, I will be here to protect your freedoms still, because I believe in the IDEAL of this country.

  9. Everyone is entitled to be rehabilitated from whatever addiction they have. If Rush is, then bless him.
    The point is, however, that he didn’t voluntarily enter rehabilitation until after he was caught as being addicted. And, this was after he excoriated other addicts by saying that they should be jailed.
    I guess it’s different when you’re rich, famous and sort of powerful. The poor shlub on the street wouldn’t have been given a pass like el Rushbo got.

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