President Obama to Spend an Hour With David Letterman

Sep 15, 2009  •  Post A Comment

President Barack Obama will appear as the sole guest on CBS’ "The Late Show With David Letterman" on Monday, Sept. 21, reports B&C.

President Obama will be the first sitting U.S. president ever to guest on "Letterman."

–Allison J. Waldman


  1. Of course, Dave will not ask him any questions about Van Jones, or Cass Sunstein, or Obama’s ties with ACORN which has just been proven to be a criminal organization but the MSM won’t acknowledge.

  2. The real majority in this country are fed up with the relentless regurgitation of right wing talking points attacking President Obama. When anyone challenged the policies of President George W. Bush, conservatives branded them “traitors,” “enemies of the state” and accused them “aiding and abetting the enemy at a time of war.” Now these same people engage in the most viscous, personal attacks on Obama by parroting the crap they are spoon-fed by conservative radio/TV pundits. What hypocrisy, especially in light of all the far more serious and far-reaching scandals of the Bush administration.

  3. The difference between the naysayers of Bush and Obama is that the Liberals lied about Bush because they had been in power for 40 years until Hillary screwed up Congress re-elections. And they wanted it all back. Now that they got it back, The Conservatives voice their opinions against Obama, because it is the truth and they don’t want to go down the path to Socialism. Nothing Bush did was illegal or immoral. His last two years sucked because of Congress letting the economy collapse into the mess we have now.

  4. “Nothing Bush did was illegal or immoral.”

  5. Do you have any proof? Seems everyone is out to investigate him, but they found nothing…

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