Rush Limbaugh to Race Jay Leno in an Electric Car

Sep 18, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh has agreed to an electric car race with Leno on next Thursday’s "The Jay Leno Show," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Leno’s "Green Car Challenge" will be a regular segment on his show, with a variety of celebrities taking part. NBC built a track next to the studio especially for the segment.

–Allison J. Waldman


  1. Who gives a crap..Limbaugh is a jerk..and Leno has forgotten how to be funny..Do you think it’s possible that the race could end in a fatal crash??? Now that would be worth watching

  2. Bitter much?
    Limbaugh draws an audience; smart move by Leno and his producers. Sounds like they understand what “show business” means!

  3. No wonder your such an unkind rude idiot. If you go by “Actor” you’re probably a left wing liberal nut job.

  4. Limbaugh has always been a disaster on TV. His lousy TV talk show in the 90s, his brutally bad stint as guest host on the old Pat Sajak show, his painful interview on the Letterman show (save for the hilarious ‘Big Ass Ham’ bit). Hmm, what else…oh of course. ESPN! His dream TV job he flushed down the crapper with his usual race baiting shtick. At least he can’t put his foot in his mouth while he’s driving. Or can he. Stick to AM radio Rush, that’s where all the closet racists and conspiricy theorists are anyway.

  5. Put all politics aside. What a great move by Leno its all about ratings. Its a business. As everybody knows in televison its about being number one in ratings. (capitalism)

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