‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Makes Amends With Gay Community

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Fox’s hit dance show "So You Think You Can Dance" has adressed past complaints from the gay community by including a same-sex Latin ballroom couple in this season’s episodes, as well as adding an openly gay judge, film director-producer-choreographer Adam Shankman, reports Reuters.

In May, judge and producer Nigel Lythgoe offended some gay groups by saying another same-sex couple’s samba was likely to alienate some viewers.

–Allison J. Waldman


  1. So very sad, and a bit embarrassing, that Heterosexual adults need to be taught to treat THE VERY GAY & LESBIAN CHILDREN THAT WE OURSELVES CREATED with the same dignity and respect that WE would expect from a Gay or Lesbian citizen.
    It is time to STOP this MADNESS.

  2. So very sad, and a bit embarrasing, that the Homosexual community tries to bully the rest of America into accepting their perverse lifestyle. It’s time the gay and lesbian community start behaving with some dignity and treat the rest of Americans with the same respect they want to be treated with.
    It is time to STOP the MADNESS.

  3. Donna you forgot to say… “In Christ’s name I pray!”

  4. Bill, this has nothing to do with Christ. This has everything to do with the brainwashing that has taken place — perpetrated on Americans by the Psychiatric community. They decided that homosexuality wasn’t a disorder because they were pressured by the gay community. Sounds a bit fishy to me.

  5. That should be FOX not ABC…ABC’s hit is Dancing with the Stars.

  6. Donna, you are absolutely correct. Your opinion has nothing to do with Christ. It also has nothing to do with the Declaration of Independence or the 14th Amendment or anything other than, of course, your homophobia… which is so blatant, it’s refreshing to see someone make a fook out of themselves stating it so publicly

  7. Agree Donna. Why can we all respect equally. I doubt Logo will be adding any heterosexual characters to the “Big Gay Sketch Show”… it doesn’t need… and I wont be forming a group to picket the network! Steve Harvey doesn’t have a white co-host on radio and that’s why I listen. Univision and Telemundo don’t offer English language subtitles because Novella’s work best in Spanish. How come there are no slim, fit hotties on Biggest Looser? Why are real football (soccer) players excluded from Monday Night Football… and why does Hank Williams Jr. have to sing the theme song? Why not Techno, Opera… who cares what the theme music is. Most viewers cant even hear it over the six-packs opening and the Dorito crunching.
    Why cant the people who scream the loudest for equality offer it to everyone — even a dance show producer who’s just looking for some numbers from what’s left of over the air broadcast viewing America?

  8. I saw this telecast as it aired. First of all, I was at first thrilled at the announcement of two men dancing together. However, the execution of the dance was very uncomfortable to watch as there was no chemistry between the two and no electricity in the dance itself.
    It would have been one thing for the producers not to have allowed them to audition at all — a decision they would have likely caught even more hell for, but Nigel should have never come under fire for expressing as tactfully as he did WHY they wouldn’t be put through.
    Yes, two men dancing on national television may make some viewers uncomfortable. THAT is a fact. These two men dancing on national television making viewers uncomfortable was a reality. As Nigel explained, there was no clear lead (male) and clear (female) follower as is typical in Latin dance. The dancers themselves explained that they kept switching roles throughout the piece and it DID NOT WORK.
    It is uncomfortable when a man a woman with no chemistry execute a dance badly. Add these two men to the mix and it became both uncomfortable AND confusing.
    Nigel’s remarks had little to do with the fact that they were two men — he was far more concerned with their execution.
    Hopefully the next male-male duo can replicate the fire and passion of Gale Harold and Randy Harrison in the “Queer as Folk” season one finale.

  9. You forgot to add nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah and complete your compelling case for the dignity of the heterosexual community.

  10. Centuries of brainwashing and pressure having failed to drive homosexuals from the earth and expunge homosexuality from nature, it’s funny that the right wing now talks of gay “brainwashing” and “pressure.” Gays and lesbians comprise no more than ten percent of the population, and whenever it suits the propagandists of the right, they claim it’s only one percent. These anti-gay propagandists never explain how such a small minority of people managed to “brainwash” the majority of a professional organization whose members (unlike a lot of the people who keep telling them what scientific conclusions they should adhere to) all have MD’S and PhD’s. You’d think a mighty gay totalitarian bureaucracy had locked them all up in re-education camps in the provinces and forced them daily to recite from Andre Gide. Do you folks ever listen to yourselves? Heaven knows, you don’t listen to anybody but one another. Gay people and lesbians have contributed enormously to the dance community, and still do. They provide part of the backbone of the TV show. Naturally it doesn’t want to offend them. Every season, some of the dancers and choreographers are gay. The idea that America gets to tune in every week and be entertained by gay people but doesn’t have to show those people the slightest respect in return is warped.

  11. Nice analogy to Logo, Bob. You know, they don’t, call the show “So you STRAIGHT People Think You Can Dance?,” and if think real hard for a long, long time (assuming you’ve ever watched the show) you might be able to figure out why. Nor is the Fox network subtitled “The Non-Gay, Non-Lesbian, Non-Bisexual, Non-Transgendered Network.” They’d better not adopt the name as long as “So You Think You Can Dance” is their network, if they don’t want to be laughed right off the air.

  12. I agree with you, Terence. The team last time (who elicited Nigel’s controversial reaction) were not good, and their role-switching did not work. It seems to me that if two men are going to perform a pas de deux within some kind of ballroom tradition, they need to rethink it so there IS no “feminine role.” Your example of the dance from “Queer as Folk” is a good one, but there are others. The scene in “Valentino” where Rudolf Nureyev as Valentino is supposed to be teaching the tango to Nijinsky (Anthony Dowling). There must be some way two men can samba together without sacrificing any masculinity. I’m even more sure that a pasa doble between two men is possible. After all, the bullfighter is always male, and (despite the tradition of the role being played by a woman) there has never been a female bull in all human history. Looking back on dancing with Fred Astaire in “The Babbitt and the Bromide” number in the movie “The Ziegfeld Follies,” Gene Kelly sighed and said he’d love to do it again.

  13. The Big Gay Sketch Show does have straight characters, so do almost all the shows on Logo. It would be strange to depict a world populated entirely by gay people, or straight people, or for that matter any one kind of person – it just wouldn’t reflect reality.

  14. I must’ve missed that particular episode, but I agree with Terrence about the fact that sometimes dancers who are homosexuals have a hard time adapting to certain dance styles when it’s out of their comfort zone. A good example would be that super-cute Hawaiian-American guy, I’m not sure how to spell his name, Kuno? At the beginning of the competition it was very obvious that he looked very feminine in many of his routines, when in fact, he was expected to portray masculinity. With that said, even he improved tremendously later in the competition and did everything as it was asked of him.

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