Survey: Guess Which Cable News Channel is the Most Trusted (Hint: It’s the Same One Respondents Said was the Least Trusted)

Sep 25, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Talk about your mixed signals. In its third annual "Trust and Satisfaction with the National News Media" survey, Sacred Heart University found that Fox News was both the most trusted and least trusted news source, reports James Hibberd on his Live Feed blog for The Hollywood Reporter.

On the most trusted side the results were: Fox News (30%), followed by CNN (19.5%), NBC (7.5%) and ABC (7.5%).

On the least trusted side it was lead by Fox News (26.2%), followed by NBC (9.9%), MSNBC (9.4%) and CNN (8.5%).

And the most trusted news anchor on cable TV: Bill O’Reilly, the survey said, according to the Live Feed.

–Chuck Ross

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  1. Did they do this survey in wackonutville?

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