Will Charlie Sheen Leave “Two and a Half Men”?

Sep 23, 2009  •  Post A Comment

On the Red Carpet at the Emmys Sunday night, "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen told "Extra" that he is in the final year of his current contract and it could be the end of the show for him.

Sheen referred to life outside of show business, spending time with his five children, and a great run on the show as possible reasons to call it a day.

Finally, he said "maybe it’s up to CBS and Warner Bros." That’s because, according to TV Guide, Sheen makes $875,000 per episode, making him TV’s highest paid primetime star.

— Allison J. Waldman


  1. Well, if this is the final season of ‘Two And A Half Men’, I hope Angus T. Jones has socked enough money away for a full run of college – up to and including a PhD if he desires. Too many child actors and their parents think the stardom lasts forever and once the show ends, so does the dream…think Gary Coleman of ‘Different Strokes’ fame to name one child actor whose stock went south – ending up as a low paid security guard. Really a shame, he deserved better. As to John Cryer, well, he has a good chance to end up with a hit sitcom after ‘Men’ stops filming. Charlie Sheen is pretty well set, and he has the right to make the final call, spending time with his five children is a noble gesture on his part – I wish him well!
    – Andrew, MALL727.net –

  2. I say amen to that!!!

  3. I’d say that “CBS and Warner Bros.” are in trouble with this one, as I believe I read that the show has been contractually renewed with producer Chuck Lorre for three more seasons. You can’t do this show without Charlie Sheen. He knows that – and his agent does, too. He’ll make out very well in his contract renewal.

  4. you’ll be hearing from my lawyer, mr. deep

  5. IMO as an occasional viewer – bb Mr. Sheen. Maybe he can use some his loot to score some acting lessons. He sux. Jon Cryer is the force here, and was FINALLY rewarded the other night. It won’t be long before another prime time vehicle will come along for 14 year old boys.

  6. This is all positioning. CBS can’t afford to screw up Monday nights and unless they have another hit in the can, Charlie Sheen will be back at a million an episode. What else can they do? This show is not going anywhere. Can they keep it from getting stale? I think so but they are gonna need to do better than Monday’s premiere cause that was awful.

  7. Let’s go for the million

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