Audience Loves Letterman’s Angst

Oct 7, 2009  •  Post A Comment

As trying as alleged extortion and telling the public you’ve had sex with some of your employees may be for David Letterman, it’s great for business.

Monday’s "Late Show With David Letterman" garnered ratings 36% higher than the show’s season-to-date average, Reuters reports.

Furthermore, Letterman’s Monday ratings were higher than the ratings NBC had on any of its primetime shows on Monday night, the report says, quoting Daily Variety.

–Chuck Ross


  1. Inaccurate headline! Audiences don’t love his angst. The in-studio audiences are there to have a good time, despite Dave’s creepy past. The increased ratings only reflect increased interest in his train-wreck comments. Remember, people paid a lot of attention to Mark Sanford, but it wasn’t love that drew their attention.

  2. Like it’s really difficult to have the show garner ratings greater than that of NBC’s primetime show. LOL.

  3. Dave isn’t a politician who ran to get his job on a platform of “family values,” either. And he’s not a pedophile priest asking parents to entrust their children with him, either. He’s a late night comedian and frankly this is a non-story, other than whatever Dave can do to make it funny.
    I DO love that he’s open, honest and willing to make fun of himself. I don’t love the right-wing self-righteousness from the Puritans in the overtaken GOP party. Hopefully they’ll get back to their real values one of these years.

  4. Good on Yvonne! And, too bad it’s not November! Next time someone is going to have a big scandal — try and hold it till the book!

  5. When people refer to Daves so called creepy past, what has he exactly done that is creepy?

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