Letterman Reportedly Seen Fooling Around on Security Tape

Oct 22, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The National Enquirer is reporting that talk host David Letterman was caught in a compromising position with a female staff member by a studio security camera.

The tape could play a role in the trial of the CBS News producer who allegedly tried to blackmail him in exchange for not divulging the past relationship.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Really?! Really. The National Enquirer? If TVBizwire is going to bring me breathless media updates on the likes of this, I’m done with reading your rag newsletter. Buh-bye.

  2. Foreign Correspondent,
    Who else do you expect TV Bizwire to get news from? The mainstream media stopped doing their job a few years ago. They ignore anything that makes anyone of the “left” of the political isle look bad. Dave is in that camp so they have nothing to report.
    Good luck with those other media sources you plan to turn to for news. The National Enquirer is a joke but they are less of a joke than ABC, NBC and CBS. Kind of says a lot about what’s happened to the media outlets in our country.

  3. Wow, Donna. At first I thought, “how skeptical!” But after considering your point, I believe you’re right. OK, so the occasional space alien on the cover may detract from their believability, but why not take what comes from CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN with the same grain of salt as The Enquirer? At least the Enquirer has never been political, a feat the others can’t claim. Alas, the death of journalism has come. Yeah, like, a while ago.

  4. Hey Chopped Liver…the National Enquirer has not had a picture of a space alien on its cover for a long time. Maybe you are thinking of The World Weekly News. Other so-called news media outlets have become more like the Enquirer, nothing but celebrity news and sensationalism.

  5. My God, Donna, You must think Fox news is “Fair and Ballanced”. At least most of us pull our heads out of our rectums once in a while.

  6. The National Enquirer has the same amount of credence as does TMZ…Assuming the basic news story, that there was an extortion attempt on Letterman, then THAT is the story and the rest can wait for what happens in Court based on the charges filed. Everything else is hearsay, and/or sensationalistic crap designed to sell media and nothing more.
    Peter Bright

  7. Gee, wasn’t the National Enquirer the organization to get the John Edwards scandal out????
    Maybe some of you should subscribe.

  8. The question isn’t how reliable is the Enquirer, it’s why does TV Week feel this merits a story on their space?
    You guys have had it in for Letterman since the story broke. Your editorials show just how you want this story to play out. Will you be sending his extortionist flowers if he’s acquitted?

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