NBC Has Magic Detective Show in the Works

Oct 29, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Universal Media Studios and NBC are planning a new detective series about a magician who solves crimes, according to Variety.

The project comes from "NCIS" writer Dan Fesman and film director Jon Amiel, as well as producer David Percelay. The set up is reminiscent of the CBS hit series, "The Mentalist" only instead of a former psychic, it’s a former magician who is recruited to join a law enforcement agency, using his skills to help catch the bad guys.

— Allison J. Waldman



  1. Sounds very much like the old 70s NBC series called “The Magician” that starred Bill Bixby.

  2. NBC has had a couple of shows that sound like this:
    The Magician with Bill Bixby and Blacke’s Magic with Hal Linden and Harry Morgan.
    I guess there are no new ideas…at least at NBC!

  3. “The Magician” was a GREAT show and – Bixby did all his own magic! And that white Corvette he drove was sweet!

  4. What goes around . . . just came back around!
    Hope it’s not like the singing detective!!!!!

  5. Well NBC strikes gain. The no imagination network. I guess using a magician they expect their ratings to climb out of the cellar, hey that would be a good feat of magic.

  6. The Variety article makes it sound like a cross between “The Magician” and “Monk.”

  7. Dresden Files was such a great show in this exact genre… too bad they couldn’t just revive that one

  8. You make blogging look like a walk in the park! I’ve been trying to blog daily but I just cant find writing material.. you’re an inspiration to me and i’m sure many others!

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