This Seems Odd: No Sequel in Sight for the 2007 Movie (based on a TV Series) That Was 12th That Year in U.S Box Office and 8th That Year if You Include Total International Gross

Oct 7, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Somewhat surprisingly, there is no sequel in the planning stages for the 2007 20th Century Fox movie that surprised many by doing extraordinarily well at the box office both here and abroad: "The Simpsons."

Matt Groening and Al Jean, creators of “The Simpsons,” told a Mipcom crowd that they have no immediate plans to make a second film from the series, Variety reports.

In an interview with director Morgan Spurlock, the duo said that making the first film was so time-consuming that they aren’t in any rush to turn out a sequel.

But with a domestic gross of $183 million, and a worldwide gross of $527 million total, one would think a sequel was a no brainer. And the cost of the film was reportedly only $70-$75 million, which is a lot less than a star-driven CGI epic.

–Elizabeth Jensen and Chuck Ross 

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