Proposed Joint Venture for NBCU Would Let GE Unwind Its Stake Over Several Years; News Corp. and Liberty Media Also Interested in the Company

Oct 13, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The proposed GE and Comcast Corp. joint venture for NBC Universal would give GE the chance to reduce its stake over the course of seven years, with Comcast committing extra money, reports the Associated Press, citing “a person close to the situation.”

The proposed deal would allow GE, which currently owns 80% of NBCU, to redeem some of its 49% stake in exchange for cash generated by NBCU’s operations as soon as 3-1/2 years into the joint venture, the AP said. Vivendi may decide at a board meeting this week whether to dispose of its 20% stake, which could trigger a possible deal.

Meanwhile, NBC Universal’s CNBC reported that News Corp. and Liberty Media Corp. are interested in gaining control of NBC Universal, but haven’t begun talks with GE.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Rupert Murdock owning NBC?! I guess that would be one way for him to shut Keith Olbermann up!
    But that should not be allowed to happen. If this doesn’t tell the FCC that we need some RE-regulation and a hard limit on media ownership, I don’t know what would.

  2. OK, GE wants to ease its way out of controling interest in the Peacock Network, etc..BUT, by NO MEANS should NBC ever become property of News Corp and their biased news bender Roger Ailes.
    Peter Bright

  3. End of an era for NBC Universal.

  4. How can the FCC allow a deal like this to proceed. Has anyone checked to see the leanings of the FCC now that the Dems have taken over?

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