’30 Rock’ Star Will Quit Show, Acting When Contract Expires

Nov 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

It’s not the first time he’s said he would be leaving the acting profession, but now Alec Baldwin has set a date for his retirement, saying that when his contact with NBC’s "30 Rock" ends in 2012, he’s quitting, reports the Boston Herald, citing an interview in the upcoming issue of Men’s Journal.

Baldwin claims that he’s not interested in acting anymore and wants to accomplish something else with his life.

— Allison J. Waldman


  1. When Alec goes, 30 Rock will go with it. Few shows can replace a major star and not have an audience decline. However, since the show will have enough video in the can by 2012, it will move onto sydication. Getting back to Alec, I can feel for him, my son’s mother used him like a carrot on a string – making promises that if I did her bidding on something, I’d be able to spend time with him, then yanking my son away like Peanut’s charactor Lucy Van Pelt did to Charlie Brown when he tried kicking the football. I can count on both my fingers the times I was allowed to see him and still have a few fingers left over. It was “just send the damn support check for the kid and leave me alone!” She got the support checks until he turned twenty-one – I got zip! So Alec, I can feel for you as one father to another. As to Alec, well, he’s a free man – let him live his life on his terms. I wish him only the best of luck as one father to another!
    – Andrew, MALL727.net –

  2. Yeah, well I seem to recall Alec Baldwin saying he would leave the United States if George W. Bush was elected president. So his history of following through on things is a bit suspect.

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