‘Good Morning America’ Cancels Adam Lambert; CBS’ ‘Early Show’ Grabs Him

Nov 24, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Just as quickly as ABC’s “Good Morning America” canceled Adam Lambert’s scheduled musical performance for Wednesday morning, CBS’ “Early Show” snapped him up, reports TVNewser.com.

ABC said that Lambert’s overtly sexual appearance on the broadcast of the "American Music Awards" Sunday night—which included a simulated sex act– drew some 1,500 complaints. "Given his controversial live performance on the AMAs we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning," said an ABC spokesperson.

CBS apparently has no such worries. Lambert will discuss the controversial AMA show, and also perform live on the network’s morning show on Wednesday.

— Allison J. Waldman


  1. ABC’s lose is CBS’s gain. They considered Adam’s performance inappropriate, but what about their actions in canceling his morning performance. I’m sure they could have come to some agreement. More free press for Adam. Shame on ABC. They’re going to be on my boycott list.

  2. ABC cancels his appearance without even discussing with him what he will be doing? I’m sure that Adam Lambert is quite cognizant of the difference between an 8 am TV performance and one that airs at 11 pm. ABC is being prudish and reacting in an irrational way. Kudos to CBS for grabbing him. I’d like to hear what Adam has to say about all of this, so I’ll be watching.

  3. While I am not a huge fan of public display, turn about is fair play. Why is it culturally acceptable to have a man and a woman ( or even two women ) dance provocatively but not two men… Wake up prudish amerika.

  4. WesCoast, I will be watching Adam too and the ratings for the Early Show will hit the roof. Too bad GMA, you lose out on this one.

  5. i dont think he should of did what he did, i was waiting to see him all night. was shocked for the reason i was not expecting it. i was waiting for a great performance over the top, like when he was on a idol. i could of watched him all night. there are alot of young kids that watch the award show no mater what time it was. like my 7 year old grandaughter and wanted to know what and why he did that. there is a place and time to do stuff like that and it would of been ok, but not then. i love him think he is great would love to see him in concert but think it was not the time and place to do it.

  6. just to let adam know, i did watch him this morning and did think he was great. i dont think people should cancel him on there shows. i am glad cbs picked him up because that is what i enjoy about him, what i saw. now if i was in vegas it would be differant story

  7. Lambert performed a XXX show on primetime tv. Yes, we can turn it off. And we did. We will not be watching any program that features such a display. It is very hard to understand how anyone would think that this kind of behavior is okay. Maybe dancing for his boy friend, or in a bar, but on national tv? oops…come to think of it, he would probably be kicked out of the bar for this performance. No need to boycott anyone, just leave the tv off. Robin Meade of CNN would never stoop to this level. If she did, I’d turn her off too.
    For all those tv stations out there that think that the majority of people want to watch this kind of garbage, think again. Some may, but then again they could go to http://www.porn.usa….if there is such a site.
    Let’s all do a better job of protecting our children from this kind of garbage. In no way shape or form is this talent.

  8. Ya CBS “Grabbed him” all right. Just like he grabbed himself and others. I’ll never watch CBS again. ABC did the right thing. Porn belongs on the porn network.

  9. Adam Sucks. A horrible performance.

  10. CBS has failed us all

  11. Because at least 90% of America’s population would find the performance:
    1) Offensive or
    2) Juvenile or
    3) Against their religion or
    4) Self-serving provocative or
    5) Stupid or
    6) A combination of the above
    Contrary to what Adam would like, the majority of Americans and the world are not interested in, nor will they ever support homosexuality. He should take some advice from Ellen DeGeneres, who has handled it far more appropriately, even if you don’t agree.

  12. i bet u watch CBS early show.. ha ha ha ha……… curiosity ha ha ha

  13. forget the young kids esp. your granddaughter they should be in bed at that time, its your fault an not adam’s fault

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