With Pronouncement From Gray TV President That Leno Show is ‘Not Working,’ Press Puts Pressure on NBC to Do Something

Nov 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s decision to run "The Jay Leno Show" weeknights in primetime this season has come increasingly under fire lately, and criticism hit a particularly intense level this week.

In the wake of Jay Leno’s recent interview with B&C, in which he said he’s be willing to return to the 11:35 "Tonight" timeslot, came yesterday’s comment by Gray Television President Bob Prather, reported at RBR.com and elsewhere, that he is not happy with the ratings performance of “The Jay Leno Show” on his company’s 10 NBC stations.

That was followed by a spate of loud pronouncements of failing grades for the Leno show by Bloomberg, Time, ABC News — and even NBC’s sister network MSNBC.

— Tom Gilbert


  1. I think NBC made a mistake moving Jay, but, hey, he’s making the best of it and has the right attitude.
    I wish him well with this and when things change, (sooner or later), luck with whatever comes up.
    Peter Bright

  2. Jay made the mistake of ending his run on the Tonight Show 5 years ago (or so). He agreed to retire, I don’t think anyone forced him. Wow how time flies! Then he decided to not retire and do the 10pm show. If they boot Conan from that slot that would be preposterous. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Conan never should have been “on” in the first place. A good writer, awful tv host.
    Lettermans’ writers make Jays writers look like grade schoolers…sheesh and Jays new format is NOT wonderful and the “No desk” setup is a mistake. Outside of those few things, Jays Show is mediocre. Send him back to his old spot and send Conan into oblivian PLEASE!

  4. I SAID IT SENCE DAY ONE NBC NEEDS TO STOP TRING TO COPY EVERYONE!! THE LOST IT YEars ago!!! think abpout it all they do is copy at shows hate to say it i hope they fail!!!!!

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