Tiger Woods Bet: Largest Betting House in Ireland Makes Book on Which Advertiser Will Drop Woods Next–Guess Who’s the Favorite at 7 to 4

Dec 15, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, the largest bookmaker in Ireland (it’s legal there) is taking bets as to which of the companies that Tiger Woods has endorsements  will drop him next.

Leading the pack is AT&T at 7/4, meaning that if you bet $4 you’d win $7 if AT&T drops Woods.

Next is General Mills at 9/4, Gillettte at 3/1 and American Express at 6/1. (Gillette has already said it’s taking a hiatus from running any Woods’ commercials, but has not dropped him as an endorser.)

The two least likely companies to drop Woods, according to Paddy Power’s betting line, are Nike and golf ball maker Titlelist, with odds of 33/1 and 40/1 respectively.

These numbers are from an article at the Irish news Web site Irish Central.

According to the article, "Netjets, the private plane hire company, are 12/1 and Golf Digest  is 16/1 to split from Tiger, with Upper Deck trading cards at 10/1. Paddy Power says it will pay out whenever there is an official announcement from the company that they are dropping Woods."

Accenture has already ended its commercial relationship with Woods. To read Open Mike blogger Chuck Ross’s comments about that split, click here.

–Tom Gilbert


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