Top Sports Illustrated Golf Writers Are Upset That Revelations About Tiger Woods from TMZ and Other Celebrity News Sites Are Being Treated as Legitimate

Dec 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The top golf writers from Sports Illustrated, in a recent roundtable discussion, dissed the Tiger Woods news coming from TMZ and other celebrity sites.

The roundtable, posted at golf.com, can be read here. A summary of the roundtable is available at The Improper.com, here.

Jim Herre, the managing editor of the Sports Illustrated Golf Group, said during the roundtable discussion,  "The real eye-opener for me has been how TMZ.com and Radaronline.com have been cited as credible sources by lots of media outlets, even though the websites’ sourcing is beyond flimsy. The fact is, we really don’t know what’s true and what’s not."

Agreed Farrell Evans, a writer-reporter for Sports Illustrated Golf Plus, "There are no facts, really. All we know is that Tiger isn’t in control of what’s out there. We have some text messages and a voicemail, but we have no bulletproof evidence of Tiger ‘knowing’ any of these women in the Biblical sense. At this point perception is much more powerful than whatever the reality is." 

Said Jim Gorant, senior editor, Sports Illustrated Golf Plus, "This is why [Woods] needs to come clean. I don’t know about Barbara Walters or Oprah (too staged), but you have to take control of it. Look at what Letterman did. Everything’s going to come out in the end anyway, and the TMZ crowd won’t stop ’til they pick every last piece of meat off the bone. You can kill all the rumors and speculation by telling the whole truth. Then, everyone can start to ‘heal,’ whatever that means."

Interestingly, both the Sports Illustrated publications and TMZ are owned by Time Warner.

–Chuck Ross


  1. I concur with the Golf Digest writers( to a point). The press (legitimate and otherwise) has given entirely too much “print” to this nonstory.
    I do not expect Mr. Woods to provide me with an explanation on his personal life. There’s a reason it’s called “personal.” The appetite for gossip and all the gory details, if there are any, is simple ridiculous.
    Mr. Woods has committed no crime and the public has no entitlement to the details of his private personal life.
    Let it go already!

  2. I agree that the celebrity blogs are making too much out of this story… but TMZ is rarely not credible. They are sleazy. But they aren’t wrong.
    Look at the Michael Jackson story. They come out with the truth many times before any of the so-called “credible” news organizations do (CNN, Fox News, etc). Just sayin…

  3. Actually it is more than likely he has committed a crime. He was either drunk or stoned or both when he drove his car and crashed into not one but multiple stationary objects. He damaged a fire hydrant and other items on public property.
    Try driving drunk and telling the cops you are going home and don’t want to talk to them. You’d never make it out of the hospital with handcuffs.
    Just because he gets a free ride doesn’t mean he’s not guilty.

  4. Sounds like the sports press establishment are upset that they were late to the story and are trying to excuse their “blinders-on” reporting (Farrell Evens:”there are no facts…”).

  5. Would they be saying any of this if it wasn’t a golfer that keeps most of them employed? Where is their outrage when the same situation happens to other celebs? Just saying.

  6. Since the FHP has cleared Tiger Woods of driving under the influence, he was most likely not driving drunk or stoned, as you put it. He was also not, under Florida law, obligated to speak to the police. People have accidents. Shit happens.
    As to the other stuff, it baffles me as to why all these women are being believed. Ten women, really? Ten?! They’re getting successively less believable. And then I see a madam giving her side of the story tonight on one of the entertainment magazine shows. So now we’re to believe a whore? Is this how low we’re sinking?

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  8. Will Tiger overtake Jack?

  9. Woods for 4 majors in 2001!

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  15. Amazing freakin blog here. I almost cried while reading it!

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