Back to Basics: NBC Returning to Traditional Upfront

Jan 12, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Armed with its new mantra "Back to Basics," NBC Entertainment Chairman Jeff Gaspin announced that the network will abandon its highly touted "Infront" ad presentation of recent years and return to a traditional Upfront presentation.

The date will be Monday, May 17. For the last two years, the network has substituted mini “Infront” presentations without all the hoopla of traditional upfront events.

For many years NBC had been the first network to reveal its new fall lineup. When it went to the Infront, Fox grabbed that Monday slot. Gaspin said NBC will present in the morning of May 17th, with Fox going in the afternoon that day.

Gaspin also said by returning to the later May date NBC will be better positioned to have evaluated its development slate.

Elizabeth Jensen and Chuck Ross


  1. Seriously, does TVWeek not have any editors or proofreaders? Look at this story – “it’s new fall lineup” and “In Front,” “infront” and my personal favorite “Infront.”
    You call yourselves journalists? No wonder traditional media is dying.

  2. Hi there Anonymous. We cleaned up the story…and since Infront is basically a made up word, the convention that developed around the spelling of it is Infront.

    Chuck Ross

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