Fox Developing U.S. Version of Huge U.K. Ratings Hit — Think ’24’ With Aliens (and People You Really Respect Who’ve Seen the U.K. Version Will Tell You It’s Really Good!)

Jan 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

One of the most popular science fiction dramas from the U.K.’s BBC is being developed as a new American TV series by Fox, according to James Hibberd’s Live Feed at The Hollywood Reporter.

BBC Worldwide Productions is developing the series "Torchwood," and Russell Davies, who created the British version, is working on the screenplay.

"Torchwood" is a spinoff of “Doctor Who,” about a group of agents who are tasked with fighting alien infiltration of Earth. But the show is not a comedy.

Hibberd, who cut his TV chops here at TVWeek before moving on to THR,  is one of those in the industry we really respect, and here what he says about "Torchwood" and its related mini-series, "Children of Earth" : "If you’re a fan of serious sci fi such as ‘Battlestar Galatica’ and haven’t seen ‘Children of Earth,’ rent it. You don’t need to know anything about the series. And I know the previews for "Torchwood" can look silly. Trust me, it’s terrific. Like ’24’ with aliens." 

— Allison J. Waldman and Chuck Ross


  1. And American producers will ruin it. Part of what makes Torchwood so good is it’s Welsh location and the wonderful actors. A bit campy at times, but such a great show. I just want the original Torchwood to continue (on BBC America).

  2. It’ll have the same team behind it as the UK version – Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. This is a BBC Worldwide Production (under the aegis of Jane Tranter, who brought Doctor Who back in the first place). It’s not exactly a US remake, it’s the BBC trying to break into making shows for US TV.
    And, come what may, the series 1-2 version of Torchwood has been done away with. Children of Earth was very different in style and format and between it and the finale of series 2 the slate was pretty much wiped clean for another type in Torchwood series, either in the UK or the US.

  3. Yes, American producers will ruin it just like they ruined Battlestar Galactica. Oh wait, they didn’t ruin Battlestar Galactica – it was the best thing on tv.

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