Guess Who Got the Most Network News Face-Time in Last Decade?

Jan 6, 2010  •  Post A Comment

News consultant Andrew Tyndall calculated which network news reporter got the most face time in the last decade, reports the Associated Press.

The winner was NBC’s diplomatic correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who was on for 2,416 minutes, beating out her colleague Robert Bazell, who logged 2,328 minutes for his medical and science reporting.

The top story of the last decade was the Iraq War, but the story didn’t make the top 20 in 2009.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    The top story was the Iraq War?
    So that’s their problem—no news judgement. I could swear the top story was two 757’s flying at 500 miles an hour into 100+ story buildings half a mile from my home killing two of my best friends and several thousand other “best friends” and family members.
    Followed by the destruction of our economy falling into a Depression resulting in the bankruptcy of the largest corporation in the US and 1 in 10 Americans losing their jobs. But what do I know?

  2. Hi Walter. I don’t think most people would disagree with you that 9/11 was the top news story here in the U.S. during the past decade. To clarify what the AP article said, this is what they reported: “By far, the story the evening news broadcasts spent the most time on during the past decade was the Iraq War.”
    Our fault for not making that distinction. Since the Iraq War has gone on for years it’s gotten more air time. That’s what we meant by top story.

    Chuck Ross
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