In Conan’s Own Words: ‘I May Soon Be Available for Children’s Parties,’ & ‘I Remember Watching Johnny Carson and Thinking, Someday I’m Going to Host that Show For Seven Months.’ Ouch!

Jan 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Conan O’Brien was on fire during his show last night, exhibiting a funny, sarcastic anger and bitterness over his plight.

As ABC News reports, "O’Brien, seemingly uninterested in currying favor with NBC, let one of his staff writers, Deon Cole, deliver some of his harsher barbs. In a racy bit, Cole compared O’Brien to a prostitute and the network to his pimp."

And the two lines above in the headline come from Conan’s monologue last night, Tuesday, Jan. 11.

–Chuck Ross


  1. Way to go Conan! It’s good to see someone stepping up and informing the network that it will not be business as usual.
    What is “usual” is NBC’s decision to continue down the path to failure. I think the television audience has spoken — enough of Jay — it’s time to more forward with Conan.
    The network’s failure to demonstrate support for Conan (and it’s almost frantic efforts to retain Jay at any cost) is disappointing. Even more disappointing is NBC’s refusal to acknowledge it gambled yet again and blew it — big time.
    NBC has cemented its last place position. Afterall, the hole is so large now that it can never climb out.

  2. Conan should have done a better show. He hardly had six jokes in his opening monologue. Puncuated with idiotic hands folding and nervous post-punch irrelevance! He was never ready for this show. Ever. His shtick works quite well late night but not at 11.35. Why can’t stupid network execs get this one simple thing? his show just wasn’t good enough. NBC could have given him three years and if he didn’t change, his show would still suffer.

  3. Gosh, sal…why such hate for Conan? He’s done a good job and last night’s monologue was pretty funny. People need to get over Leno and Carson….humor changes, audiences change, the world changes. Conan has his appeal. Leno’s is gone.

  4. Last night’s show was hilarious and a total bash-fest to NBC throughout. Best parts were with Tom Brokaw and Zachary Levi commenting on the situation.

  5. I’m with Sal. Conan had his chance. He’s too quirky for mainstream audiences, which is the same reason Leno beat Letterman for so many years. More jokes, more skits, less quirky goofiness. That’s why Leno was on top for so long, until NBC forced him out to keep Conan from jumping ship.

  6. Having created similar shows for another Television market, I understand the rhythm that makes different hosts click. Letterman for the longest time was a campus phenomenon. He had to change his style a little bit when he moved to 11.30 on CBS. Conan never understood all that. The monologue is the key to such shows. You need to have jokes paced breathlessly in the first 7-8 minutes. I need the maximum coverage of the day’s events and jokes on them. I can’t wait endlessly for the next joke. In fact I believe that Conan deteriorated in his new attempt. Not to suggest that Leno is the greatest one around. he has been resistant to change for a long time but a late night host needs to have the credibility to make the political jokes work.

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