It’s Not Always A Pretty Business: ‘Ugly Betty’ Canceled

Jan 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

ABC canceled “Ugly Betty,” which will go off the air after finishing its fourth season in the spring, the Associated Press reports.

The series about a style-challenged woman working in the fashion publishing business won numerous awards over its short life but it has lost audience in recent years, as ABC moved it to several different time periods. The show averaged around 8 million viewers its first season; it’s now down to about 5 million viewers a week.

Eight episodes remain and ABC said loose plot ends will be tied up.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. OMG!!! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!! OPRAH is leaving, now this!!?? Are your crazy!!?? Please reconsider, this is one of last great shows you have!!!


  3. Save Ugly Betty! It’s been fantastic this season… truly hilarious and touching.. one of the best things on network television. They moved it to the dead zone of Friday and they can’t expect it to rebound from that so fast. UGH.

  4. I love this show. Didn’t watch the first season, but then borrowed the DVDs and fell in love. But this show is a goner. It’s ratings were sliding on Thursdays and while yes, it got moved to Fridays, ABC showed it’s love of the show by moving it to Wednesdays. It didn’t work, people moved on. 4 years of a unique show like this is great. Enjoy the 90 episodes that we got.

  5. Please save Ugly Betty! love love love the show!

  6. ABC intended to cancel Ugly Betty all along. That’s why they kept switching nights and times. Just because the story is good and the acting well done, they had to kill Ugly Betty. They also killed Men in Trees and October Road the same way. We’re stuck w/ garbage like Lost and Private Practice plus lovely reality shows like The Bachelor and Home Makeover. Typical ABC!!

  7. Who of these Ugly Betty cast members can we wave off into the sunset? See whose 15 min of fame are coming to an end at Hufftington Post approved Blog, IMeanWhat!?! http://bit.ly/cQz2ih

  8. PLEASE save Ugly Betty. It IS a great show with a great cast. The editing and cinema effects are fun. Wake up ABC!!!
    Put it back in a normal time slot again and stop shuffling the deck all the time.
    That is why the numbers were declining.

  9. ABC ruined the show by changing the times. Please save Ugly Betty. It is a great show. Great actors, great story lines and hysterical!

  10. I love the show but the handwriting was on the wall once they started moving it around – it’s a shame but ABC doesn’t seem to recognize what makes a good show – Dirty Sexy Money was awesome and it was thrown out after two seasons – there’s going to be some ebb & flow with the numbers on any show – and yet, we get stuck with more reality programs and with sit coms minus the “coms” –

  11. Looks like we could buy this site – someone needs to start up a petition!

  12. Looks like we could buy this site – someone needs to start up a petition!
    the site is
    www (DOT) bringbackuglybetty (DOT) com

  13. Funny series that shares and teach moral points without beating you over the head and still is sexy..WTF is ABC thinking about! Those series don’t come around that often! Not to mention a diverse cast that are not force. Yep unlike Friends New York does has a diverse population! Who Knew! Since ABC like to play the shell game with show(I guess it like what FOX does) Anyway Hey NBC you have some time slot to fill at 10! Pick it up Zucker!!!!!! Don’t be a compleate idiot!

  14. To PBsmike: Do you actually think Jeff Zucker would recognize this (or any other) good show and grab it? He’s just counting the $’s Comcast has just annointed on him…after all, $$$’s are all he understands…and he’s grabbing before someone smart comes in and throws him OUT! Oh wait, Comcast is running the show…they’ll keep upping him until they’re not willing to meet his price…he’ll then be thrown out, replaced by some one cheaper, (and that will be Comcast’s only criteria for the change).
    Peter Bright

  15. ABC Has Another ‘Bachelor’ Wedding Planned…………..’Ugly Betty’ Canceled. WTF..I can’t take this crapp anymore. And they wonder why we don’t watch “regular TV”.

  16. Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day 🙂

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