Video: Jimmy Kimmel Gives His Side of the Story After Leno Tells Oprah that Kimmel ‘Sucker-Punched’ Jay When Kimmel Appeared on Jay’s Show and Joked About the Latenight War Between Jay and Conan

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  1. This can be categorized as Kimmel attempting once again, and in failure to insert himself in an issue. No one takes him seriously and sadly enough he’s not even funny.
    He tried a similar bit a couple of years ago regarding the controversy of the film “Broke Back mountain.’ It was so bad it is today considered a good example of homophobia.
    He’s very sad.

  2. Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious. Jay shouldn’t be mad because Kimmel is right – Jay has 800+ cars for reading off cue cards, he doesn’t know how to adlib at all – it was proven that night.
    Leno whines and makes millions, gets Conan booted and then whines on Oprah to promote his show more.
    Kimmel deserves the Tonight Show more than anyone – he is the only person who is genuinely funny. Other people like Leno are only funny because they have great writers.

  3. I’m not the biggest Leno fan, but didn’t Jay have a reason to think he was sucker-punched? Clearly it was a mistake for Jay to have had Jimmy on his show. But they did seem to have a public relationship before this. They were like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum during the writer’s strike, going on each other’s shows. And the event that led to the invitation — Jimmy doing his show as Jay — didn’t seem all that ill-natured.

  4. Kimmel always struck me as a bit of a weasel before, and his actions have only verified that.

  5. Are you all serious?
    You really feel bad for Jay Leno? It is hilarious that he was roasted on his own show for something he truly deserved. He got roasted about issues that are all true – he booted Conan, he is angry he airs at 10pm and his ratings are down, and he has 800+ cars.
    What’s the big deal? Jimmy Kimmel just said it outright. Everyone knows it is true. So Leno tries to get sympathy by going on Oprah; that’s pathetic.
    At the end of the day, Kimmel is undeniably funnier and more ballsy than Leno. Kimmel doesn’t need talented writers and cue cards to be successful like Jay. Take those things away and Leno would be about as successful as Carson Daly for Late Night.

  6. Didn’t this mess really start years ago when the network decided that they weren’t going to renew Jay’s contract? I seem to remember monologue bits taking shots at NBC for the way they treated Jay. Then the fans squawked and it was decided to give Jay the 10pm slot because they’d already promised TONIGHT to Conan. It just seems to me like NBC wants to make this a Jay vs. Conan fight to draw attention away from the fact that it was the network who started this whole mess in the first place. SO, let us all join as one, my brothers & sisters, be you with Team Jay, CoCo, CaCa, Jimmy, or Dave (Ferguson fans want no part of it and will gladly throw empty bottles of scotch at everyone from the stands), take up your torches and pitchforks and let’s drive the unholiness from NBC once and for all. Or at least until the next ratings cycle.

  7. I hate to tell you this but Jimmy reads cue cards, too. He also has writers. I’m not sure what has ever made you think he just walks out onto that stage and pulls a whole show, start to finish, out of his ass but that’s just not how it works, Sparky.

  8. As I watched 10 at 10 with jimmy Kimmel I also felt like he had suckerpunched Jay Leno. I was shocked that J. K. would come on someone’s show and act like that. Jay Leno had class asking him on the show. Jimmy Kimmel has no class.

  9. Cry baby Kimmel. Never liked him before and even less now. He’s no where near Leno or Letterman in talent…does anyone watch him?

  10. The true test of the late night commedians abilities were made very clear during the writers strike. Letterman was totally pathetic & stumbled around, spinning a coin just to waste time, and doing stupid phone bits, Conan was doing the same thing with nothing remotely clever & being totally lost. Leno was putting on a show that one would never know was done without the help of the writers. He was absolutely brilliant and took on the responsibilities himself to make the show close to what it was. I’ve spent virtually every evening watching TONIGHT with Carson & Leno for the past 45+ years. I didn’t initially think Leno would be up to the task but he was and perhaps more. Letting Leno go to replace him with Conan was a terrible joke to me. Conan didn’t make me laugh. His stupid puppet thing along with his other quirky things didn’t reach the level of entertainment that Carson & Leno provided. I’m glad Leno is back.

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