Report: Deal Set for Conan O’Brien to Leave; NBC Won’t Invoke Non-Compete

Jan 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The deal is set for Conan O’Brien to leave NBC with a payout, and NBC won’t keep him from jumping to another network before his contract expires, according to a report by the veteran–and well-respected–entertainment reporter Kim Masters at The Daily Beast.

There had been earlier reports that NBC would keep O’Brien from appearing on other networks if he left.

Universal film studio head Ron Meyer played a role in forging the deal, according to the report.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. How anyone can blame Conan is beyond me. I knew it the moment Jay got the early time slot that it would split the audience and take away from Conan building his base. Give Conan his payout and we will wait to watch him during his next gig. Sorry Conan – this was totally not fair.

  2. Wow Conan is the Blame for Jay’s failure
    thats some mighty fine math there. Gee I remember when Jay had to do a total revamp on the tonight show and NBC didn’t pull the plug! Oh well I guess short memories and Math skills comes with being NBC!

  3. Here’s my wish for Conan:
    That he moves to FOX Studios in New York with Andy and his entire staff where they will be far away from looney land and back where they’ll be happy. I also hope he names his show something like “After Hours With Conan O’Brien” and spanks his late night competition. Then, everyone will realize that, no matter what NBC does, they will prove their (repeated) incompetence. Right Dick Ebersol? Remember the SNL failure under your watch in the 80″s? Hard to believe you’re still there at NBC.
    Conan has a golden opportunity to be the creator of a new show and to be the first host of something that millions of young people will aspire to host someday. Just like Conan, Jay, Dave, and others did when they watched Johnny Carson when they were children.

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