Color NBC’s Opening Night Olympics Ratings Gold

Feb 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

 NBC’s opening night coverage of the Olympics on Friday, Feb 12, drew the second-largest audience for a first night of a Winter Olympics since 1994, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town blog, citing figures from Nielsen Media Research.

The coverage drew an average of 32.6 million viewers. The opening of the 2002 Winter Games remain No. 1 in the past 14 years. Those games were held in the U.S. (Salt Lake City), and drew an average of 45.6 million viewers.

According to the report: "Four years ago, an average of 22.2 million viewers — 10 million fewer than Friday night –watched the opening ceremony when the events were held in Turin, Italy. NBC said a total of 67.5 million people in the U.S. watched all or some of its prime-time telecast from Vancouver on Friday."

–Chuck Ross 


  1. Congratulations NBC and also good going on putting the NBC Logo on the top-right of the screen instead of right in the middle, otherwise how would we know who is bringing us this scintillating coverage? I’ll bet you even had problems with NOT putting the logo on commercials! Hey, you paid millions to the Olympic Committee to show the games and the entrants don’t get any money at all…how can that be a bad deal? And the speeches from those two clowns who run the whole thing put a black hole right in the middle of the opening ceremonies! And people still watched! Wow! And how about the Olympic Committee not building a wall to protect the LUGERS? Can you say LAWSUIT coming up? Another wow! And NBC showed the accident…third Wow! Keep up the good work NBC and keep that logo glowing!

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