FCC To Investigate Mark Burnett Kids Quiz Show

Feb 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Federal Communications Commission has opened an investigation into possible violations of federal rules in conjunction with "Our Little Genius," produced by reality-king Mark Burnett’s company, according to The New York Times.

The parent of a child who had interviewed for the show–but then did not get on it–lodged a complaint with the FCC alleging that a member of the show’s production staff reviewed with the contestant and his parents a list of potential topics and "gave specific answers to at least four questions that the child either did not know or about which he was unsure," the Times says.

The letter of complaint was dated Dec. 17 and received by the FCC on Dec. 22. It was released Friday by the commission after a Freedom of Information Act request by the Times.

Per the report in the Times, "the letter states that when the child said that he didn’t know the British system of naming musical notes, he was told by the production staff member the names of four specific notes that ‘he needed to know,’ including semibreve for whole note, crotchet for quarter note and quaver for eighth note. ‘He told us that it was very important to know that the hemidemisemiquaver is the British name for the sixty-fourth note,’ the letter says."

–Chuck Ross

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