In the Last Decade Steve Jobs and Apple Have Produced Some of the Most Popular Consumer Products on the Planet: Here’s Jobs’ Latest Assessment of Apple TV

Feb 3, 2010  •  Post A Comment

There’s no question that some of the most popular consumer electronic products in the last decade have been introduced by Apple. Three years ago Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the Apple TV set-top box. Ars Technica reports Jobs’ latest thoughts about Apple TV:

"In 2007, Jobs told the company that he hoped the Apple TV would be as big as the Mac, iPod, and iPhone, but that it was still in experimental stages. That remains to be the case, it seems, despite numerous efforts by Apple to make it attractive to both users and content providers."


According to the article, in a Town Hall meeting with Apple employees last week "an employee asked during the meeting if Apple’s stance on the device had changed. Jobs confirmed what most of those who own Apple TVs had feared: no, it’s still a hobby."

Says Ars Technica, "The overall movie selection on iTunes continues to float somewhere between "mediocre" and "decent," and there’s still an obnoxious release window between the time when you can buy a new movie and rent it. Sure, this is a downfall of the iTunes Store itself, but the Apple TV is the living room extension of the iTunes Store. If the iTunes Store isn’t compelling, neither is the Apple TV. "

–Chuck Ross

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