National Survey Says 60% of Those Who Saw a Portion of Tiger Woods’ Statement Thought He was Sincere; 31% Said Perception of Him Now More Positive, 17% Said Perception of Him Now More Negative

Feb 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

In a quick national survey today, 60% of viewers surveyed said Woods’ apology was sincere, reports HCD Reseach.

In a press release about the survey–which was taken by 1,090 people who were shown a video clip of the statement–HCD said, "Viewers were split on whether Woods’ statements changed their perception of him, with 52% reporting that their perception of him had not changed; 31% indicating that their perception had changed in a positive way; and 17% indicating that their perception of him had changed in a negative way. In addition, the majority of viewers (64%) reported that Tiger Woods’ apology was sufficient."

HCD said "the male and female viewers’ sincerity levels were fairly consistent,” with one major exception.

The exception, according to HCD, "occurred when Mr. Woods made comments denying the presence of any domestic violence, during which men perceived him to be less sincere than women in regard to those statements.”

To view a video of Tiger Wood’s entire statement, click here.

To view a video of the comments of golfer and commentator Nick Falco, and what he found puzzling about Tiger’s statement, click here.

–Chuck Ross

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