OMG: Fox Reportedly Wants Howard Stern as ‘Idol’ Judge When Simon Leaves

Feb 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Producers of the most popular series on TV, Fox’s "American Idol," have been interested in having controversial shock-jock Howard Stern replace the ascerbic Simon Cowell, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

Cowell leaves the show after this season. He is reportedly making $40 million to $50 million a year.

According to the Page Six story,  a source that was somehow connected to ‘Idol’ said, "It’s one of the few shows that could compete with Stern’s $100 million-a-year Sirius contract, and ‘Idol’ bosses think he’d be even nastier than Simon. They know he would be great TV and would clash with the other judges such as Ellen DeGeneres and the contestants. ‘Idol’ will do what it takes to sign him."

The article then quotes a second source who said the talks about Stern possibly joining ‘Idol’ were intended as a ploy to pressure Sirius XM Radio to re-up with Stern. Stern’s current contract expires next January.

Finally, the article quotes Stern as recently saying on his radio show, ""I was approached by a major TV network to take over a TV show and leave here and do that next year — and I did turn it down . . . I’m not even sure if I want to be working. I’m waiting to see what happens."

The article said Fox declined to comment about the story when asked to by a Page Six reporter.

–Chuck Ross


  1. First Paula now Simon. Randy is the ‘dogg” that held the attraction marketing in place. The AI is about the great judges and their ability to separate the talent
    Tough job for their replacements.

  2. Are they really planning on mixing that loud-mouthed, dirty-like-crap, vulgar ass with an auditorium full of teenie-boppers?? They’d better hire a covy of lawyers to handle the law suits!

  3. Spoken like a man who just knows Howard from casual listening or from the media’s warped interpretation of him. What, you think he’s going to do a version of his radio show on Idol? He is a very shrewd, sharp as a tack performer, and knows how to behave in a different setting. Don’t worry, he’ll do just fine! Stern rules! Baba-Booey!

  4. I cannot believe that they would want Howard Stern on American Idol. His level of nastiness would not, in my opinion, help the show. I think it’s time to close up shop when rumors swirl about Howard Stern being a judge. It’s bad enough that Ellen DeGeneres is going to be a judge!

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