Video: ‘Family Guy’ Under Fire For Portrayal of Woman (Whose Mom was the Governor of Alaska) with Down’s Syndrome: See Reaction by Sarah Palin and, Separtately, by Regulars on ‘The View’

Feb 17, 2010  •  Post A Comment


  1. Republicans have now replaced the Democrats as the biggest whiners of victimization in the country!
    It’ satire…
    Why is it O.K. for Rush but not Seth M.?!?!
    B-O-O H-O-O!!!!

  2. So I guess that means because rappers use the “N” word it’s OK for anyone else to do so?
    How is it satire to openly make fun of a Down’s child and link it to Palin with the “Governor of Alaska” comment?
    Had this been an at all positive depiction of a Down’s child, it wouldn’t have been so offensive – but it wasn’t.

  3. Bill – Did you watch the episode? They didn’t make fun of the girl. She was going to school independently. She was able to go on a date independently. She was able to interact with Chris independently. The only thing she said was that her mother was the former Governor of Alaska. I think they’re making a HUGE deal over nothing.
    People need to take a pill and RELAX. ENJOY LIFE!

  4. I gotta agree with AJ. We have become way too sensitive about everything. Just relax and live your life.
    Family Guy attacks everyone. It doesn’t make it right, but that’s what they do. They are doing well in the ratings, so people must like it. Sometimes it hits a nerve and if it does, then by all means watch something else. There’s plenty of entertaining shows on every night on multiple stations. OR …. Read a book. Watch a BluRay. Talk to your kids. Cook a meal. Wash clothes. Clean your house, etc….. I’m guilty of watching too much television. I think we all are guilty of it. Turn it off and try something new.
    Anyway. I will hop off my soap box. In conclusion, Family Guy is often harmless clever humor. I watch it. If it gets too crazy, then I turn it off.

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