The Compromise that Looks Like It’ll Get Betty White to Host ‘SNL’

Feb 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

With half a million petitioners wanting Betty White to host "Saturday Night Live," it looks like NBC is paying attention.

The concern that longtime "SNL’ guiding light Lorne Michaels has is the ability of White, 88, to carry the entire show alone as its host, according to scoopmeister extraordinaire Michael Ausiello at EW.com.

Says Ausiello, "White would not be hosting alone. Rather, I hear SNL is putting together a ‘Women of Comedy’ episode that would team the former Rose Nylund with several of her younger contemporaries. Ex-SNL MVP Molly Shannon is on board, I hear, and feelers have also been put out to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. (An NBC spokesperson insists no one has been confirmed at this time.)"

–Chuck Ross


  1. So in a women of comedy show the only women they can find besides Betty Whate are old SNL alums? No Roseanne? No Ellen? No Brett Butler? Gimmie a break. The only reason NBC would be choosing these women to support Betty White is COST. They are all under contract to NBC in some capacity. Cheapness rules the day again. YAY NBC! No wonder you’re in dead last.

  2. Compromise? “Women of Comedy?” LAME…just let Betty White host the show. She’s a big girl, she can do it. Screw this watered down, PC, “Yay, let’s all pat ourselves on the back,” up-with-people BS.

  3. Betty White used to do a daily sketch/variety series on live TV that was 5 1/2 hours — yes, every day! She could run circles around these punks!

  4. Are they concerned about her age?! Well there are actors on soap operas who are in their 60s and 70s still acting every day! I think their concern is their writers. They probably don’t think that they can come up with enough skits for her. But honestly, if anyone has seen any recent SNLs lately, there are barely any skits on there at all anymore. It’s one skit, a pretend commercial, 15 minutes worth of budweiser wheat beer commercials and maybe them showing a few taped rehearsals…then they pop in two times with a band playing…and another 15 minutes of wheat beer commericals. But SNL will use any excuse they can to get the old SNL players back on the screen.


  6. Not for nothing NBC, but you just went through a horrible PR nightmare with the Leno/Conan fiasco. Then, out of the blue, a “golden” opportunity presents itself with a (very) rare chance for some positive feedback, and you look at every possible way to destroy it. Here’s a skit idea: Betty as Barbara Bush and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Geez, that was tough. How about a Password spoof? Or maybe bringing back a real alum, like Dan Ackroyd, and doing a spoof on Driving Miss Daisy 2?

  7. OF COURSE NBC was going to botch this one up – big shock.
    Even if they are “concerned about her age” and decided on a “Women of Comedy” episode — why not incorporate White with HER contemporaries such as Carol Burnett and Cloris Leachman??
    I love Fey as much as the next person but am pretty sure she has enough to do.

  8. HYSTERICAL. She is able to play hours and hours of Password with Regis. All she has to do is stand on the stage for 5 seconds and she’ll be funnier than anyone they have ever had on
    Don’t insult her by making someone share the stage with her.

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