The Promo For Leno’s Return to ‘The Tonight Show’ That You Won’t See (and the One You Will See)

Feb 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC on Wednesday ran its first spot promoting Jay Leno’s return to latenight on March 1 and it is essentially a reworking of the campaign that launched his ill-fated move to 10 p.m., USA Today reports.

What might be even more interesting is the promo for the show that NBC decided not to do. The network considered, then rejected, a spot that would have shown the 10 p.m. experiment as a dream, USA Today says.

In the spot that did air, Leno is shown in a race car marked with a decal for the number 10, which is the time his primetime show started. As Leno drives, that decal blows off the car only to reveal another decal underneath that says 11:35 (the time his show starts on the East and West coasts).

It’s accompanied by the Beatles lyric “"Get back to where you once belonged." The promo spot is embedded below.

–Elizabeth Jensen



  1. YAWN!

  2. They also cut the promo where Conan rams his car into Jay’s, bringing a huge cheer from most of America

  3. I think all of the fans may like it too.

  4. Love all the opinions expressed here! How is everyone? Love how everyone expresses whatr they feel 🙂

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