Curmudgeon Alert: Report Says NBC Execs Won’t Allow Conan to Appear on ‘Idol Gives Back,’ Which Raises Money For Good Causes

Mar 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

As Conan O’Brien negotiates whether or not to go to Fox latenight in September, word is that separately he’s been invited to appear on ‘Idol Gives Back,’ the April 21 special charity episode of  "American Idol" that raises money for various causes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The ‘Idol Gives Back’ invitation was taken to NBC to determine whether that network would allow it under its settlement with the talk show host.The answer was no, as the moratorium on any TV appearances by O’Brien doesn’t expire until May 1."

Says THR, "Sources close to both [O’Brien and Fox] stress that the offer [to appear on ‘Idol Gives Back’] is not related to the ongoing late-night discussions and in no way means the two sides expect to have a deal by April 21. In fact, the invitation to O’Brien came not from Fox but from ‘American Idol’ producer 19 Entertainment, which is reaching out to several celebrities for the charity special."


  1. How much of the $33M that NBC gave to Conan is going to “good causes”? Hmm?

  2. Who else is really sick of the whole canonization of the millionaire martyr Coco?

  3. DO you two realize he gave a lot of that to his staff?!?!?
    either way, I think it shows even more how stupid people are at NBC…seriously somethign for charity?

  4. Well, me thinks The Peacock just gave itself a black eye just by saying “No”. Conan should honor his “buy out Agreement” and not even ask for leniency.
    If he wants to make a “splash”, then give 1M of his NBC $’s without his name on it.
    As for FOX? We KNOW they’re playing games to try to get him on the show, whether they hide behind 19 Entertainment, or not.
    There’s a lot of smelly stuff around all this, I’m just not sure WHO stinks more.
    Peter Bright

  5. I call shenanigans on Fox’s part. There’s NO WAY that NBC looks good in this and Fox deliberately made it so.
    Frankly, I’m tired of all the whining and crying on Coco’s part. He made an agreement to stay off TV in exchange for a huge bag o’ bucks. Man up and deal, dude.
    And, press aside, how much of that $33mil really went to his staff? Who really knows? I doubt any of us here do.
    Chew on that for a bit, fellow posters.

  6. leave it to NBC that’s why the are in the tolet hope no one helps them get out!! they are nuts!!!

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