Don’t Miss This: Another Kimmel Star-Studded Video to Join His ‘I’m F*ing Ben Affleck’ as a Classic

Mar 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment


  1. This guy’s long form comedy bits are always killer! Leno and Letterman may not be the only conversation when ABC puts him in the 11:30 PM mix.

  2. That truly sucked. Too long, drawn out, stupid repetitive writing. All those people just did it to continue to be on his show.

  3. Oh, I loved this. I’m so behind times. It took me…gosh…three months to ever even listen to what’s his name. BUT, this is so perfect for our society…the satire, the humor…and ol’ what’s his name is freakishly handsome to a girl like me. REAL PEOPLE are beautiful. Bless your heart, Something Kimmel. Never heard of you, but glad I did. You just made this woman’s day. 🙂

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