Fans Rally to Save Bonnie Hunt’s Talk Show: Telepictures Says Sorry, Ain’t Gonna Happen

Mar 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fans of “The Bonnie Hunt Show” are planning to rally Saturday in Chicago, and later in the month in L.A. in a bid to save the two-year-old show from its demise, the Chicago Tribune reports. Hunt is from Chicago.

The show’s final episodes are expected to tape May 6, and the nearly 17,000 signatures on an online petition appear unlikely to sway Telepictures Productions, which produces the show.

A spokeswoman said: "We would like to thank all of the fans for their support, and while we have a definitive end date that can’t be changed, we hope the viewers enjoy the remaining episodes."


  1. I think its a mistake to cancel the bonnie hunt show. It’s a good show and there aren’t many of those. I suppose it will be replaced by another reality show that I don’t and won’t watch.

  2. I agree it’s a good show, but NO ONE watches. This is what happens when no one watches – it gets canceled. That’s life in TV.

  3. I love this show! It took me a while to find it due to the SF CA time slot, but now I am hooked. Give This talented lady and her crazy crew a chance. They are so much better than most of the others.

  4. Once again a wholesome enjoyable show is taken off the air to be replaced with trash I’m sure!!
    I loved her segments with the animals, and her guest–many that you don’t see on other talk shows.
    It’s a shame that good shows aren’t given a chance.

  5. Not given a chance? What? It was on TV for 2 whole seasons! What more of a chance do you want? Bonnie is great, but if the ratings are bad, you get cancelled. This is a business for crying out loud.

  6. Bonnie, I love watching you. You make me laugh, remember….I feel like you are a friend. I come from MN and am living in CA now, and I miss all of my MN family and friends. You bring me a slice of home. Love your Mom. LOVE! Sorry this is happening to you….to ALL of us. I just don’t get it anymore. Please find a way……..
    Karyn Waite

  7. Joe!!! If you can’t say something Nice don’t say Nothing at ALL!!! That’s something we say in MN.

  8. This show wasn’t watched because people had trouble finding it. It’s on in Baltimore at 2:00 am!!! I won’t watch the likely replacement – the Oprah interior designer. That’s not as entertaining as Bonnie.

  9. when will they stop taking off good show to put on crap

  10. Please reconsider and keep this wonderful
    show on!!!

  11. Please reconsider and keep this wonderful
    show on!!!

  12. please keep this wonderful show on, she is a talented female Johnny Carson and a delight to my day.

  13. Ithink you need to keep Bonnie Hunt. She is really a great down to earth person. One of the most friendly,honest, loveabl e and likeable people I wish I knew in my life now.

  14. Please remove this great program, and replace it
    With some gay, ghost hunter, pro wrestling
    Booty shaking whores…. A real reality program
    That what we really need, more of that crap
    Programing you insist in shoving at us,,,,
    Or just go to real porn.! No wonder
    So many young people have no values
    …. You help set the example that is hip and cool
    Sorry Bonnie…. I love you,, but you just are
    Not a big enough trash whore
    Rusty Tidwell

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