Former NBC Star Equates Network to ‘Horrible, Drug-Addict Mom’

Mar 17, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A former NBC star compared the network to a “horrible, drug-addict mom” for the way her show was treated, New York Magazine reports.

Regina King, one of the stars of “Southland,” said the show’s new home, TNT, is like “night and day” compared to NBC, which dropped the program. She said: “It’s like you had this great mom, and all of a sudden she becomes a horrible, drug-addict mom, and you go to live with your auntie, and she’s awesome, and you have a bed again, and you’re getting to school on time, and you’re getting breakfast every morning.”

The interviewer then asked: “So NBC is a horrible, drug-addict mom?” Said King: “Comparatively.”


  1. I have been telling everyone if your with NBC you won’t last long get out when the going is still on your side!!

  2. Regina King is who again?

  3. What Regina didn’t mention is that Southland lost about half it’s audience from when it premiered to when it aired it’s last episode on NBC. The ratings don’t lie. Maybe Southland is one of those “made for cable” type of shows.

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