Fox News Coverage Of Sunday’s Health Care Vote Attacked by National Magazine Award-winning Writer

Mar 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

James Fallows, the award-winning National Correspondent for "The Atlantic," has blasted the Fox New Channel’s coverage on Sunday, March 21, of the vote on Health Care.

In his blog at "The Atlantic," Fallows wrote, You can agree or disagree about this legislation. But really, you cannot look at this "news" coverage and consider it other than outright political activism. There is nothing wrong with outright political activism. [Fox’s] Megyn Kelly is arguably no more partisan on her show than [MSNBC’s] Rachel Maddow is on hers. But not a single person on Earth thinks that Rachel Maddow is a "news" anchor. For the sake of sanity, precision in language, self-respect, and any other desirable quality we can think of, let’s drop the pretense about what’s coming across on Fox. This surprises even me."

Fallows also served in the Carter administration as a speechwriter.


  1. Ain’t gonna happen. Never. The word, “News,” is slapped on the right wing’s most powerful weapon of deceit for cover. Nothing more. By perpetuating the illusion that their smoothly-groomed spokesmodels are journalists, Fox has an easier job palming off its laughable tripe on the moronic fan base that supports it. The sad fact is that even If Fox’s deluded viewers were told the truth, which is that they were being lied to, they’d still tune in because they desperately WANT to believe the crap they’re swallowing. If not, they wouldn’t be feeding on such clearly obvious garbage.
    I know, I know. This won’t change anybody’s mind. But I sure feel a helluva lot better.

  2. There are still a few freedoms left to us, though they are dwindling rapidly. One is the right to turn off your TV or change channels. Anyone who condemns MSNBC or Fox or any other media outlet is not only a moron, but so are those who follow them. As far as I know, we still have freedom of choice (unless it was taken away last night in a bill no one knows what all it entails). The fact that viewership of Fox is outpacing all other cable news stations as the left-winged stations are dwindling shows how much anyone cares about Mr. Fallows personal observations.

  3. Spoken like someone who’s never seen Fox. Most of the daytime shows aren’t biased. O’Reilly, Beck, and the other evening shows may be from time to time. I don’t know any of them that would call themselves Republicans (except Mike Huckabee) as most are at best Conservatives, Independents or Libertarians. They also have Juan Williams and Giraldo Rivera on staff and many guest Democrats and Liberals to be the “Fair and Balanced” network they claim to be. The only people who are against Fox are pot smoking, freeloading, government and/or unionized persons who can’t succeed on their own and need the government/unions to babysit them with open breasts to suckle on. Which one are you, RM?

  4. Fallows served in the Carter administration, huh? Gee, he couldn’t be at all prejudiced, could he?

  5. Let’s remember that Roger Ailes remains at the helm of “The USS FOX News”. That in, of, for and by itself, says the whole story about FOX “News”.
    Peter Bright

  6. A former Carter speechwriter? I’m sure HE’S objective! I have news for you Mr. Fallows, Gibson, Sawyer, Couric, Cooper, Lauer, and many, many others aren’t objective either. I’ve been watching all the other networks cheerlead this legislation for months.

  7. “The only people who are against Fox are pot smoking, freeloading, government and/or unionized persons who can’t succeed on their own and need the government/unions to babysit them with open breasts to suckle on”
    It’s dumb comments like this make it so hard to talk to anyone who doesn’t believe what they do.
    For the record, I’m a republican, but am against FOX news because they spread fear and lies which people like Thomas Moulder believe.

  8. “the left-winged stations are dwindling shows”
    While I agree in your notion about having the freedom of choice to turn the channel, your comment that liberal networks dwindling is way off. Several years ago, MSNBC was a no-name network about to dwindle away until it hired Keith Olberman and started having more opinionated personalities in primetime. Now, they are a very profitable network with good ratings (yes, still below Fox).

  9. Well, I’m not a pot smoker and even though I don’t make that much money, I enjoy a fair reputation among my profession. But what I am is a cancer patient. I was Stage 4 Leiomyosarcoma, and yesterday was my sixth anniversary since my surgery (preceded by 10 months of chemo and a couple more months of radiation).
    It’s good that I have a job that I like, along with decent medical coverage … cause with my medical history, under our present rules, no insurance company would ever insure me.
    And for all the folks who are in a similar position but don’t have any insurance, their lives can be a living hell.
    Is the bill perfect? No. Will it be a literal life-saver for hard working Americans who happen to be cancer survivors and patients? Absolutely.

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