Fox Sports Chief Promises Younger Talent for Super Bowl Half-Time Show

Mar 25, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fox Sports president David Hill is promising younger musical talent for next year’s Super Bowl half-time show,  the Los Angeles Times reports.

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show featured legendary rock band The Who. Hill joked that he became nauseous have seeing Pete Townshend’s flabby belly during the performance. He said he is a big fan of The Who, but time has slowly picked away at the band. 

As for a replacement, Hill said he’d like to see some young country divas rocking out during the half-time show. Partly because he’s a country music fan, and partly because the game is in Dallas in 2011. 

"It’s kick-ass country down in Texas," he said. 

When Hill says younger, no word if he’ll go so far as to try and hire some of the E*Trade babies for the halftime gig, and no word whether Lindsay Lohan will sue.


  1. I can hardly wait to see the halftime show by Miley Cyrus and other “young artists” who are played by country radio yet have nothing to do with actual “country music.”

  2. Break out the Auto-tune software, and sit back and relax…As in really relax (YAWN!)

  3. OK, so now I CAN take a potty break and not miss ANYthing!

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