It’s The Hottest Viral Video on the ‘net: a Wildly Inappropriate Version of ‘Scarface’ Done as a Kid’s School Play. Is It Real or Fake?

Mar 31, 2010  •  Post A Comment

In the latest viral video making the Internet rounds, grade school children are seemingly putting on a performance of "Scarface," complete with popcorn standing in for the iconic image of Tony Montana’s mountain of cocaine. 

The video has garnered more than 1.3 million views. 

However, Internet users wondered if the video was a real grade school theater performance. Now, they have their answer: It’s a fake. 

Music video director Marc Klasfeld todl the LA Times that the video, which used child actors and was filmed last month in a rented theater in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, was a blast to make. 

Klasfeld said the most interesting part is watching the outrage boil over from pockets on the Internet, but he wondered why critics of the video don’t speak out more against on-screen violence or the sexualization of young girls in media. 

Click here to see the video in question, which is one of the selections on our Daily Viral Video e-newsletterl, which is available for free.  


  1. What’s really sad is that some people thinks it’s funny, when it’s sick and twisted to put faux profanity into the mouths of children. For shame.
    I suggest viewers “flag” it to YouTube, under the subcategory “Child Abuse” — regardless of whether it’s “real”

  2. OH puhleese. Get a grip and grow a sense of humor, MORON

  3. What’s sad the the audio and camera work. Also, it’s not funny. You want good child parody of adult content? Check out “Six and the City.”

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