James Cameron Says Glenn Beck Called Cameron ‘the Antichrist,’ so Filmmaker Challenges Beck to Debate

Mar 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Words are flying between James Cameron, creator of Hollywood box-office champs "Avatar" and "Titanic’ and Fox News’ Glenn Beck, according to MTV News.

According to the article, "Glenn Beck is a f—ing a–hole," [Cameron] said, according to The Associated Press. "I’ve met him. He called me the Antichrist, and not about ‘Avatar.’ He hadn’t even seen ‘Avatar’ yet. I don’t know if he has seen it."

Furthermore, the MTV article said, "On Tuesday, after slamming Beck at the ‘Avatar’ press conference, Cameron then seemed to backpedal. ‘I think, you know what, he may or may not be an a–hole, but he certainly is dangerous, and I’d love to have a dialogue with him,’ he said, going on to suggest a debate about environmental and political issues."


  1. James Cameron is so much smarter than Glenn Beck that a debate between the two would be a route for Beck. That’s why Beck is chicken to debate Cameron. Keith Warn

    You can root for your team (cheer them on) and hope that they utterly smash their opponents (create a rout), then come back in triumph on Route 27 (a road). Also, a rout for Beck is saying that Beck would win the debate. It would seem that you lack the intelligence to be able to attribute intelligence, or the lack thereof, to others. My advice is to keep your opinion to yourself. I’m just saying…

  3. Lets keep in mind that the crowd who find Glenn Beck as a credible commentator aren’t interested in facts, statistics, or provable truth. These are the people who are angry, frustrated, and feel that thier America is changing in a negative way. Some are upset that we now have a African-American president, a female Speaker of the House, a gay congressman, and a weakened economy (thanks to the last administration and its policies and neglect). I don’t see how a debate would solve anything. You can’t have a rational discussion with an irrational opponent. Once we demonize someone; the discussion has ended! I remember being told as a child, that the USSR was evil,and, I’m reasonalbly certain that the USSR told thier citizens the same lies. Entire populations can not ALL be evil—BUT, can at times be governed by evil or misguided leaders. Mr. Beck is an extremist and a sensationalist. Listener and viewers give him the power to accomplish his goals. We’re all responsible. Would any sensible person actaully consider Mr. Beck a responsible voice or a leader? That man is in serious need of PRAYER!

  4. Glen Beck would humiliate James Cameron in a debate. Beck has his facts in order and that is why he scares far left liberals who have no morals and get there news from MTV or John Stewart. That is whats wrong with this country, people worship celebrities and pro atheletes and not the founding fathers of this country. That’s how Obama got elected he was portrayed by the media as a celebrity not just your typical corrupt politician (because for the most part they are all corrupt whatever party they are affiliated with). So you liberals keep on watching your reality show’s and worshiping your celebrity president and wait and see where the country is in a few years.

  5. Beck cannot reason or debate. Beck’s mind is one sick web of lies and scare tactics, with the intent to mislead.

  6. The long rich Cameron, who’s made billions catering to the franchise slum
    dumb-down and denial needs of history’s
    most awesomely genocidal regime —over
    in his ‘fave’ mass market mark ACROSS
    the Pacific —is far, far too busy
    to REALLY be ‘the’ AntiChrist.
    ———–GET REAL

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