Looks Like Letterman Was Right: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Fails to Win Over Kids

Mar 31, 2010  •  Post A Comment

It looks like Jamie Oliver’s food revolution has failed to win over some of the world’s pickiest eaters: kids.

Some of the children in the Huntington, West Virginia school where Oliver overhauled its cafeteria have dropped school lunch, choosing to bring home-packed lunches, the New York Post reports.

Unfortunately, the bagged lunches aren’t apparently especially nutritious, with many children bringing potato chips and cookies, the tabloid says. With Oliver’s healthy eating program rolled out to 15 of Huntington’s 26 schools, the area’s food services director tells the Post she wished the approach had been more gradual because then "children will adapt to it and not really notice you’ve changed things."

In Oliver’s recent appearance on David Letterman’s latenight program, Letterman insisted that Oliver would not succeed in his food revolution. To see that video clip, click here.


  1. I agree a slow rollout would have been preferable…

  2. Don’t give up, Jamie.

  3. It’s hard to make a pig into something else when it’s been programmed by society to be a pig.

  4. These shows are such crap. Try helping feed kids that are obese because they can’t afford to diet or eat period. They are forced to eat what ever they can afford use your money forsomething important. Quit wasting everyones time.

  5. It MUST be society’s fault, couldn’t have anything to do with the parents.

  6. 10) First try to avoid any type of soft drink but if u really wants to taste some thing sweet then drink any soft drink (but not cola), but just one glass once in a week.

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